Where to begin when it’s time to implement a successful remote work strategy

‘Remote work’- one of those phrases that are intertwined with every corporate personnel’s lives in the new normal. No doubt it gives an employee maximum liberty and satisfaction under certain circumstances. But the question is, does remote work only entail some flowery introduction and verbose description?

In 2017, 9.6% of European workers worked remotely. Since then, this number has drastically increased to 46.6% in 2020.

If remote work has a predetermined strategy and is implemented successfully, it works.

Employees enjoyed the transition period from a physical office to a home office, which is supported by smartphones, fast internet, audio, and video conferences. However, they felt burned-out and socially isolated after some time. Besides, they failed to draw the line between professional and personal life within their own four walls. In turn, they were trudging through workloads that led to a certain blackout

Do you feel the same way about your employees?

Do you feel that there should be a strategy conduit?

It’s time to take the plunge.

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Challenges of hybrid work for organizations

While you have allowed your employees to work remotely, bear in mind that you may have to face challenges. Before moving into the core strategy part, we would like you to familiarize yourself with the challenges too.

  • Confusion for new work rules– Not clear enough about your expectations? This may create confusion among your employees. In turn, it will affect their productivity while they are working remotely.   
  • Feeling of “exclusion for remote workers– You may add options for audio and video conferences as a remote work strategy. However, you may do it to organize everything in a nutshell. Despite your efforts, your workers may feel they are “missing out”.
  • Leaders’ skill gap– Do the team leaders have enough skills to guide the respective team members? Otherwise, it may be difficult to work and interact with the other skilled members.
  • Poor worklife balance- The absence of proper boundaries while working remotely may lead to employee burnout. It will impact their productivity. If productivity gets affected, then it will affect the entire work life-cycle too. 

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Remote work strategy for your team members

You need to set clear expectations for avoiding any misunderstanding, that may lead to resentment. Some team members may feel uncomfortable while working remotely and others may prefer working from the office. To make things streamlined, communication techniques need to be brushed up on. For example, you can set company policies that allow people to work remotely at least three days a week. Aside from that, full-time remote workers must seek permission from their respective team leaders.

Let’s delve deeper. 

1. Create a cohesive work culture

You need to put effort into creating a hybrid remote work culture. This will help you to create a connected culture between the office and remote workers while strengthening the bond irrespective of their location.

According to a survey, most job seekers are looking for a good work culture. Another survey claims that good work culture plays a significant factor when it comes to working. A connected hybrid remote work culture should include everybody under the same umbrella. It simply means everybody must have equal opportunity when it comes either to participating in meetings or making decisions.  

2. Coordinate and delegate the remote and hybrid teams

The leaders of a hybrid remote work model should develop specific skills and techniques which will fit with the team type. You may create a straightforward process for measuring employee output. It will help you to understand the employees’ performance rather than judge them differently. You can start with weekly progress reports. However, make sure everyone is following the same thing.

In a hybrid work setting, a central platform plays a pivotal role to communicate and manage projects. Tools are available in the market which will help to share files and assign tasks irrespective of the location.

3. Build a nurturing hybrid remote work environment

As per a study, 68% of workers agree that poor work-life negatively impacts their morale at work. When you are leading a hybrid team, you are also responsible for creating a compassionate environment that promotes wellness and balance. When you are given the option to work remotely, it means you are showing compassion to your employees. In turn, it creates a nurturing and healthy work environment. It reduces turnover that ultimately benefits your company.

A co-working space could be a good option where your employees can work freely while learning new things. Besides, they can work on a flexible schedule that is associated with the latest technologies. As per the tech evangelists and entrepreneurs, “Coworking space is the new-age workplace, where people can ideate and alchemize their thoughts without facing hindrances. On top of that, the latest technologies are like the crown of a hat. Even the experts are raving about the same.

4. Foster the enthusiasm of the hybrid remote team

Enthusiasm is the key that fuels a person to perform at his/her best. On that note, you can arrange a video session for the remote workers. You can discuss several things which are on a lighter note. Recognize the credibility of the team members and appreciate them in front of others. Motivate them throughout instead of judging their performance. It will help to infuse positive things into your team members’ minds, which may lead to extensive productivity in the future.

Coworking Adds Structure

Coworking allows your employees to work from anywhere, but still provides the structure and routine of a traditional office. Most major cities have at least one coworking space, allowing you to pay to locate your remote employees in a proper office environment anywhere, without a large investment. 


If you have the right knowledge and things, you can manage a hybrid team effectively. Managing yourself with the present workflow and hatching up your next steps accordingly will help to reach dizzying new heights. After all, your employees are like precious ornaments that needs to be stored with great care. What are your thoughts?

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