5 Myths About Men’s Wedding Bands

Wedding rings have been known to be proof of commitment for ages, whether it’s gold, silver, or lab created diamond rings. This ancient wedding jewelry shows love and unity between couples. 

Also, it is a tradition that married couples wear their wedding rings from the day of the wedding onwards. However, there have been myths about wedding rings. While some sound absolutely ridiculous, others seem to make sense.

Myths are false ideas that have been widely held to be true. Most times stories, ideas and beliefs are passed on among people. Without proper verification, most people swallow these myths hook line and sinker.

Unfortunately, myths are common in most cases, and men’s wedding rings are not left out. Let us address some lies and debunk them also visit Clorrr Tailors to see some men clothing fashion.

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1. Men Don’t Wear Diamond Wedding Rings

There is this wrong notion that diamond wedding rings are for women alone. When people think of diamond jewelry, they only think of women. This is wrong for both wedding rings and any other diamond jewelry. 

The same way men can wear diamond stud earrings, is the same way they can wear natural or lab created diamond rings. Just like the women’s, men’s wedding bands can be styled with diamonds too. There are men’s wedding rings with engraved diamond cuts all around or on a spot. 

If you check out jewelry websites, you will see loads of well crafted men’s wedding rings. Although the diamond shapes in wedding rings for women are quite different from men’s. 

While diamond wedding rings for women may have a big diamond stone on top, diamond wedding rings for men will have smaller pieces of diamonds. This is because women love dazzling things and may want to show off their well adorned fingers.

Also diamond wedding rings for men are wider and thicker than that of their female counterparts. Men have bigger hands and fingers which accounts for broader rings.

The females might have more flashy rings, but men’s diamond wedding bands are glamorous as well. So the next time this myth pops up in your head, you can just hush it.

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2. Taking Off The Ring Shows Lack of Commitment

This is a widely known misconception. Many believe that the only reason men take off their wedding bands is because of lack of commitment. When they see a married man without a ring, they conclude that he wants to appear single.

But then, a man not wearing his wedding ring may be for various reasons not related to infidelity. One reason why a man may take off his ring is because of the nature of his job. Some jobs don’t require rings either for safety or hygienic reasons. 

A man who is a chef and has to knead dough will definitely need to put his ring aside. The mixture can stick to the ring. Also, wearing a ring while kneading can contaminate the food and mess up the ring.

Wearing a metal ring as an electrician may not be safe for obvious reasons. Metals are great conductors of electricity. On the other hand, having your wedding ring on beneath your gloves can get pretty uncomfortable.

If the job is a very rigorous one and involves constant use of the hands, it’ll be best to take them off on work days.

Moreover, weight loss or gain can also be a contributing factor. If a man has lost or gained significant weight, a wedding ring that would fit will become loose or too tight for him.

Commitment is a deliberate choice. If a man wants to be unfaithful, a wedding band won’t stand in his way. So before you judge any married man for not wearing his ring, think twice.

3. Men’s Wedding Rings Should Not be Fanciful

If you are among those that agree that men’s wedding rings should not be fanciful, then you are wrong. Men deserve to wear beautiful rings too. It doesn’t have to be plain, circular, boring wedding jewelry.

Men’s wedding rings can be stylish and modern. They can even choose to have inscriptions on them. The ring can be made of  mixed metals like silver and gold, or bronze and steel.

While many brides want the best rings for their men, some men already have a good fashion sense. And what better way to show off your great fashion sense as a married man than to wear a worthy wedding ring?

4. Wedding Bands Make Men Desirable

There is a school of thought that believes that wedding rings make men more attractive. They believe that men get more romantic admiration when they have a ring on. 

So a man walks into the bar, and because he has a wedding ring on, ladies begin to admire him.This is ridiculous, and even if it were true, it’ll only apply to insecure and undisciplined women. It is not a universal truth. 

For a lot of people, wedding rings create boundaries. It tells others that the ‘wearer’ is married and attached to someone else. There might be a few exceptions, but a few doesn’t mean it’s true.

5. Brides Don’t Buy Groom’s Wedding Rings

Men are often perceived as the providers and spenders.  It is common to hear of men getting proposal rings, wedding rings, and diamond jewelry for their brides. Men only want the best for their ladies. 

However, many have come to the conclusion that brides do not buy wedding rings for their grooms. This is false. Some ladies choose and buy the groom’s wedding band and don’t let him bear all the burden alone, whether it’s just a plain band or a diamond wedding band.

Also, the bride may know what her man wants and would rather do the buying. Marriage Is a joint partnership, and couples put in equal effort. 


If you believe any of these myths, it’s time to unlearn and relearn. Also, enlighten those around you. Men’s wedding rings are associated with a lot of misconceptions that could be corrected with the right information.

Men deserve to wear the best wedding rings and there are different styles to choose from. Also, some men don’t wear their rings because of safety measures or discomfort. This doesn’t always mean that they are not committed. Men are entitled to wear their wedding bands however they want as long as they love their partners and stay true to their marriage!