What Is A Logical Drive? Meaning And Definition

What Is A Logical Drive Meaning And Definition

Do you know what does a logical drive means? Several people are still unaware of this term. They are constantly searching for the actual meaning of this drive on google. Are you too one of them? Well, then your search ends here! In my article, I will discuss the logical drive definition with you. You may find this drive and primary partition similar. But both the terms are slightly different from each other. Do not worry, I have also cleared the confusion between this drive and the primary partition. So, let us now study all about the logical drive in detail.

What Is A Logical Drive?

This drive is a part of a physical drive that is created on top of a physical hard disk drive. It is a separate partition with has its own parameters and functions. These drives always operate independently. 

The data stored in this drive is directly stored on the physical drive. But also note that it is logically separated from other types of drives. Each of these drives can be set up as a different size, but they are all remains a part of the one physical drive. They can store different types of files or even installs different OS.


Most commonly it is used to organize the storage capacity of a physical disk drive into smaller and drive units. Usually, this drive on your computer is named by the drive letters in the My Computer Windows or Windows Explorer window. 

You know that your computers have a “C-Drive” which is a logical drive named “C”. While several computers have additional drives, depending on how they were set up by the manufacturer. If needed, it is possible to set up one of these drives with an NTFS file system and another with a FAT32 file system.

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Logical Drive Vs Primary Partition

Have you ever thought about what is primary partition and logical drive? What is the exact difference between them? Well, here I will answer all your questions.

  • Logical Drive: It is a type of hard disk partition which is created in an extended partition. Just like a primary partition, a logical partition can be used to install Windows and other types of files. But remember that, you cannot set this drive active. 
  • Primary Partition: It is also a type of hard disk partition where both Windows OS and other data can be stored. This is the only partition you can set it active. But remember, at a time, only one primary partition can be set active.

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Below are the two synonyms of this drive.

  • Logical Partition Drive
  • Logical Disk Partition


What Is The Difference Between Primary And Logical Drive?

The only difference between primary and this drive is that some operating systems are unable to boot from logical partitions. 

What Happens If I Delete The Logical Drive?

If you delete this drive, you will lose all the data stored in it. Make sure that you no longer need the data on this drive before you delete it.

What Is A Logical Drive In Windows 10?

In Windows 10, this drive is the hard disk partition created in the extended partition. It can be used to install Windows and any other types of files, but you cannot set it active.

How Do I Create A Logical Drive?

To create this drive, you have to follow these steps.

  1. Open your computer.
  2. Click on the Disk Management Window.
  3. Now, double-click on unallocated space on the basic disk to create this drive.
  4. Then, click on the New Partition option.
  5. Click on OK

Is Logical Partition Better Than Primary?

There is no better choice between logical and primary partition because you must create one primary partition on your disk. Otherwise, you will not be able to boot your computer. 1. There is no difference between the two kinds of partitions in the ability to store data.

What Are Drives Give 3 Examples?

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What Does Logical Drive Mean?

A logical drive is a group of physical disk drives that appears to your operating system as a single drive that can be used for storing data. A logical drive can comprise one or more disk drives and can use part or all of each disk drive’s capacity.


A logical drive is defined as a drive space that is logically created to organize the storage capacity of a physical drive. It is most commonly known as a logical disk partition. However, this drive has its own parameters and functions. You must be surprised to know that it fully operates independently. You can manage a physical disk drive into smaller and drive units with the help of this drive. Thus, in my above article, I have discussed all the information about the logical drive you must know.