Safest Cars to Drive 

Safest Cars to Drive

Road safety is a concern to all of us because we are liable to accidents during our daily routines. It is imperative to routinely find out the ratings of various cars in relation to accidents. The safest cars list is provided every year by Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) after performing crash tests. Generally, heavier and bigger vehicles will offer more protection than smaller, lighter ones. The following areas receive inspection before rating the safety of a car.

  • Driver’s side small overlap front
  • Moderate overlap front
  • Side and roof strength
  • Passenger-side small overlap test
  • Head restraining.
  • Advanced or superior rating for front crash prevention.
  • Vehicle – vehicle and vehicle-pedestrian crash prevention 
  • Acceptable or good headlight standards

IIHS awards the vehicles with good or acceptable ratings in all the areas the safest car award. Some of the safest cars as rated by IIHS include the following:

Small Cars

Honda Civics, Honda Insight, Hyundai Sedan and Hatchback, Kia Forte Sedan, Mazda Sedan and Hatchback, Nissan Sentra and Subaru Cross trek were tested and found to have a good and superior rating in every crash test. They also scored higher in front crash prevention and child seat anchors. 

Midsized Cars

The Honda Accord; got top marks during the IIHS crash test and avoidance tests. It is one of the best-selling Sedans in the USA, and it has accumulated 35 awards between 1983 and 2021.

Other cars that have good ratings in this category include: Hyundai Sonata, Kia K5 Sedan, Mazda 6 Sedan, Nissan Altima Sedan, Subaru Legacy and Outback. They had a good crash score and superior driver assistance features. They received recognition for having good headlight standards.

Subaru Legacy is considered one of the safest cars in America and a top seller for the brand. It has adaptive lights, active cruise control, LED projectors, and low and high beam headlights.

Midsized Luxury Cars

The Acura TLX showed excellent and superior performance during the crash test. The car has driver assistance technology such as forward collision warning and automated emergency braking.

The Audi 6 and Audi All-road received recognition for having outstanding features such as driver assistance technology, lane departure warning, and adaptive cruise control. The Audi 7 was also highly rated as it is more like the Audi 6 but bigger, quicker, and more luxurious. Others in this category are BMW 2 Series, Mercedes Benz C Class, Lexus IS, Tesla model 3 and Volvo S60, both Sedan and Wagon.  

Data available in the US Department of Transport and National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration (NHTSA) suggest a marked reduction of traffic accidents. Thirty-six thousand ninety-six people died from traffic fatalities in 2019; hence the safety of the vehicles is essential.

Every year thousands of lives are lost while others have severe injuries in traffic accidents. Colorado has a car accident attorney that will help you navigate the claims if you experience an accident. A Colorado Car Accident Attorney has guided thousands of vehicle accidents victims and will give you the best advice on how to go about your claims. Although accidents are usually unforeseen, it would be double jeopardy to experience an accident and get less or no compensation. It is advisable to contact an attorney when involved in a traffic accident to advise you appropriately.

Whatever car you are driving, avoid risky habits such as overspeeding, driving under the influence of alcohol and other drugs. You should always ensure your vehicle is in perfect mechanical condition. The best car driven with carelessness can lead to fatal or life-changing accidents.

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