How to Deal with Returnable Goods?

Returnable Transporting stock and products from one location/branch to another requires the utilisation of goods. Trays, containers, racks, pallets, crates, and other packing materials can be used to transport items from one location to another. Because such things may be reused, they can be returned to the provider.

Returnable products must be tracked since they facilitate stock movement and allow for improved returnable goods utilisation.

Returnable Goods in Output Books: How to Track Them

The following are the actions to follow in order to monitor returnable goods:

Allow for the return of goods

  • Navigate to Manage > Items and choose the Settings (or Gear) icon at the top.
  • Turn on the option for Returnable Goods.

Produce products that can be returned

  1. It is first and foremost necessary to have returnable products in Items Master in order to monitor them.
  2. To add an item, go to Manage > Items and click Add Item.
  3. Choose “Returnable Goods” as the Type and enter the item’s name (for example, tray).
  4. Fill in the rest of the information and click Save.

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Generate a delivery challan for stock transfers out of the country

Typically, we produce delivery challans to move merchandise from one branch to another or to deliver stock to a client. The supplies are packed and kept in returnable containers, pallets, and trays. Invoice/Delivery Challan: Record the returnable goods. If you are looking to know more about gstin number format, visit us to know more

  1. Create a new delivery challan in the Sales module > delivery challan.
  2. Provide the invoice number as the reference number and save (or) input the products to be transferred together with the returnable goods directly.
  3. Both non-returnable and returnable products are included on the invoice/delivery challan. Outward stock will be recorded for non-returnable items.

Create an Inward Stock Transfer Goods Receipt

When the vehicle returns with returnable products, prepare an Items Receipt and indicate the number of returnable incoming materials.

  1. Create a new Goods Receipt in the Purchase module > Goods Receipt.
  2. Keep track of the items that can be returned.

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How to keep a check on returnable items?

  1. View the Delivery challans and Products receipts of returnable goods by going to Reports > Track Returnable Goods.
  2. To be monitored, choose the Returnable good. Click on the name of the Branch/Contact where the products will be transported.
  3. There you may see the delivered and received returnable quantity.

Invoice/Delivery Challan: Show Returnable Goods/Stock

Go to Settings > Print, scroll down to Invoice Templates / Delivery Challan Templates, and select Customise Settings to display returnable stock in Invoice/Delivery Challan. Also, check the “Returnable Stock” box as in the Delivery Challan. There is a list of stock that can be returned.

Returnable Goods Report for Export

To print the report as a PDF, click the Print button and to save the report, select “Export as PDF / CSV / XLS.”


Because the vast majority of customer returns mailed back or taken back to large retailers are brand new items, many will be marketed in “as new” condition. Other returns will have cosmetic damage such as dents and scrapes that are either superficial or apparent.