Can Non-Bankers attempt JAIIB examination?

As a person working in a bank or the banking sector, the JAIIB (Junior Associate of Indian Institute of Bankers) or DBF (Diploma in Banking and Finance) is the first step toward attaining using an understanding of the banking sector as a whole and how it operates. 

Plus, it also gives you an idea about the basic knowledge of banking and financial services, banking technology, customer relations, basic accounting, and legal aspects required for day-to-day banking operations. This exam’s significance cannot be overstated. 

Apart from learning banking knowledge and developing as a professional, passing the JAIIB exam results in a wage increase in the form of an advance increment. 

Members of the institution as well as those working in the banking and financial sectors are eligible to take the JAIIB Exam.

So, preparing for the JAIIB exam correctly and efficiently is one of the major concerns, which can be eased by including JAIIB mock tests into your study plan. Through these JAIIB mock tests, you will get to know where you stand in preparation and work towards achieving a greater position each time you attempt a mock test, thus boosting your confidence. Click here to know more about the jaiib exam syllabus. 

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As a non-banker

As A non-banker, one cannot apply for the JAIIB examination, but he or she can apply for the IIBF’s Diploma in Banking and Finance (DBF), a certified course. It serves the following advantages. 

  • It is as par to JAIIB and follows the same curriculum, however, unlike JAIIB, it can be taken by anybody who is not a banker or a member of the IIBF. 
  • The (IBA) Indian Banks Association has affirmed the DBF exam as a desirable credential for bank recruitment, among other expected entry-level credentials. 
  • You will have an advantage over other applicants in the IBPS recruiting process if you have this diploma. And once you’ve been hired by a bank, you can have your DBF converted to JAIIB. 
  • This can be accomplished by forwarding your bank appointment letter to the IIBF headquarters, together with your DBF certificate. 

They will verify your credentials and issue a JAIIB certificate if the verification is successful. 

There is an obvious benefit to finishing DBF before entering the bank: you will receive one year of additional service and one advance increment when you join the bank, as well as eligibility to sit for the CAIIB test while your colleagues are studying for the JAIIB.

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The Bottomline 

As it can be seen that attempting and clearing the JAIIB exam, will improve your standing in your carrier, thus influencing a lot in your life. Also, it can be seen that both bankers and non-bankers can attempt or come to a close with JAIIB, thus making many people or anyone eligible for this exam.