Get the Perfect Eyeglasses Frames for Kids- Here’s How!

Children are the most carefree beings, oozing with enthusiasm. Unlike adults, they are playful and take nothing into account when it comes to enjoyment. The landscape takes a shift when a child is prescribed eyeglasses for vision. 

Choosing the best eyeglass frame for your young ones can be challenging at times. With the multiple options available in the market and various aspects to consider, making a firm decision is often difficult. You must know the in-and-out of your child’s needs and their daily schedule to pick the most suitable kids eyeglasses.

According to the National Health Interview Survey, 2019, over 25.3% of children between the age of 2 to 17 years wore glasses or contact lenses. This is an evident indicator of how the need for durable and apt frames is necessary for these young minds to cherish their blooming years. 

But how to choose the best frames for kids?

It is integral to make a checklist of all the aspects that tend to impact your child and his day-to-day tasks. These can include his activities, choices, and the severity of his vision. Is he a budding athlete? Does he wish to adjust the frame differently? Is he allergic to some metal? All these questions can prompt you to get going in the right direction. 

Let’s dive in and discover all things you must consider before picking up the “perfect” eyeglass for children. 

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Top Things to Keep in Mind While Choosing The Best Kids Eyeglasses!

Always remember that the secret behind selecting the perfect frame is to check where the needs and preferences of your child tend to intersect. This way, these young ones will wear the spectacles without many hassles, and it will also work towards correcting the vision. 

More often than not, adding a tint of fashion to the mainstream frames is good. You can glance over some bold colors and trendy designs that attract kids the most. Below are some of the essential considerations you should keep in mind when choosing your kid’s eyeglasses for the first time!

  • Vision & Lens Thickness 

Your eyeglass prescription is the most critical aspect while getting spectacles. Consult with your optician in detail and note the exact vision needs of your child. This will also direct the thickness of the lens that your child requires. 

As a best practice, avoid large frames for toddlers and young ones. Due to increased higher-order aberrations over the edges, large frames can sometimes lead to blurred peripheral vision. Go ahead with smaller lenses that perfectly suit the required thickness. 

  • Adjustable Nose Pads

It is interesting to note that the heads of children under the age of 9 years are not entirely developed. This leads you to opt for adjustable nose pads for children that prevent the possible slipping down of the glasses. 

This type is most suitable for children who are extremely playful and cannot look after their spectacles every now and then. Nose pads resolve the problem of varying bridges and help your child to better adapt to this recent change. 

To make it fun, get your child a bright colored-spectacle that makes him feel good. You can choose from the millions of options available in the market for kids eyeglasses with nose pads. 

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  • Active With Sports

Sports protective eyewear is the perfect fit if your child is an aspiring athlete who recently got a prescription for eyeglasses. Coming with a firm strap made up of the same material as a cycling helmet, these glasses offer extremely high durability. 

Whether your child is drawn towards swimming, football, or cricket, dedicated sports protective eyewear can help you get going with your games like never before. Their nose pads are built with non-slip rubber that also keeps the risk of falling off your glasses at bay.

  • The Perfect Temple Style

Getting eyeglasses for toddlers is a daunting task. Many times, their hyperactivity leads to dropping off the frames. This is precisely where an integrated temple style can help you. 

Go ahead and choose frames that have temples covering the entire back of the ear. These “cable temples” help keep the eyeglass in place and prevent them from sliding down. 

Alternatively, you can have frames for kids that include an elastic strap to hold the glass firmly around the head. 

  • Frame Material

The material of your eyeglass frame is vital to consider before making your final purchase decision. Mostly, a vast range of spectacles is either made of metal or plastic. 

While metal frames were used to give a more “grown-up” look, plastic frames were known to be more durable. However, with the advancement of technologies, each kind can now offer multiple advantages, and it now boils down to your kid’s choice of what frame to opt for. 

Make sure that you pick frames made of hypoallergenic materials in case there is even the slightest allergy shown by your children towards any particular metal. 

  • Keeping Up With The Trends

Let’s face it- your children will only be inclined to wear eyeglasses for long if they feel that these frames make them look cooler. Thus, you must choose a frame that is stylish and trending.

Check out unique designs such as cat-eyes, retro looks, or funky-colored ones to encourage your young ones to wear the prescribed glasses. 

Pro tip- Instead of one, buy a pair of eyeglasses for your child and nudge him to toggle between the two. This makes it all fun and games, helping your kid to keep up his interest in wearing spectacles. 

Wrapping Up

There are a lot of thought processes that back your purchase of an eyeglass. Getting the right fit for your child is not a cakewalk, but with our comprehensive guide above, it can indeed be a smooth sail. Multiple eyeglasses providers claim to offer top-notch frames, but only a few deliver on them. 

One such brand that has gained immense popularity in recent years is Lenskart. Providing a wide range of ​​kids eyeglasses, it is perfect to trust them with your children’s needs. 

Visit Lenskart today and check out their exclusive collection of frames to pick the best for your young one!