Choose your swimsuit for surfing.

While we often expect surf swimwear to be fashionable and feminine, we also expect it to be functional, with the support and grip needed for surfing. Believe the embarrassment we encounter in the queue. To the question, can we go surfing wearing a bikini? The answer is yes!

If you choose the suitable model. Created by our experts and surfers, this guide provides everything you need to know to choose the right swimsuit and surf with peace of mind!

Between the sunscreen that can slide down, the waves can lift. Wearing a bikini at regular times has already caused embarrassing things. Tell yourself that surfing is the worst!

Duck, turtle, wipeout, wipeout, cut-back. There are many chances to lose your jersey! So, before you start shopping inappropriately, it is essential to know the characteristics of different bikinis, to choose the right and most comfortable women’s surf swimsuit; two critical things to surf with confidence and increase your performance.

How do you make it stay in place?

If you are reading these few lines, it is because you are looking for women’s swimwear for surfing and therefore training for sports, with all the working conditions that this implies.

The first thing to consider is its suitability. Too loose, it slides with every movement; too tight will affect your flexibility and circulation.

So, if you are wondering how to choose your bikini swimsuits and check how it fits, the easiest way is to put it on and then jump into the dressing room. If it slips or sinks, it’s not good!

If comfort is important, feeling good is also essential. To find a women’s surf suit that is both functional while improving your silhouette, do not hesitate to consult our guide, “choosing your suit according to your style.”

Now that you’ve mastered choosing your surf suit, it’s time to discover their style in detail. There are three essential criteria to consider when choosing your new partner:

A bikini that stays in place even after it’s off is priceless!

Dress. Surfing is a very physical activity. So your swimsuit should guarantee fit and support without restricting your movements.

Comfort. Choose simple models without excessive frills (knots, ruffles, laces, etc.). If they have an irresistible fashion, they can limit the comfort of your chair and your freedom of movement.

Bikini bottoms for surfing

The first thing to think about: is their reliability. Forget socks with a simple thing on the hip.

Choose a Kameymall brand with great support. The wider the side belt, the better it will hold—fabrics designed to stretch and stretch when wet also favor models with a drawstring waist.

Boardshorts, swim shorts, or leggings? Which one to choose?

If you’re looking for a bottom with more coverage than bikini bottoms, don’t panic; other options are available.

Boardshorts. Longer shorts are more covering than bikini bottoms and hold better. Note, however, that their seams can irritate.

Swim shorts. Mini-shorts are a shorter version of boardshorts. They cover more than the bikini bottom, offering excellent freedom of movement and perfect fit.

Surf leggings. They are more popular; they have the opportunity to cover the legs, adjust the movement without hindering them, and provide better thermal protection, the best for slightly cold water.

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Bikini tops for surfing

As with the classic bra, the level of support depends on the size and weight of your breasts.

However, and with the independence of this measure, some belts and belts guarantee a better grip in all cases; it’s an essential thing when it comes to learning how to exercise.

Tie around the neck. I prefer models with wider straps for better comfort if this system provides enough support. Thin bands tend to pull on your neck, trapezius, and lats muscles and are only famous if you have a small chest or are in the pool.

Tie it to the back. It is the traditional attachment system and is also the best option. It distributes the weight evenly between your shoulders and back, improving your safety and comfort without restricting your paddling or paddling movements.

Triangle, brassiere, strapless bandeau, “bra” model. Unless they are specifically designed for surfing, these tops should be avoided. Most of the models are not intended to withstand the impact of waves. The same goes for the underwired model, which is unsuitable for long rowing and paddling sessions.

Can I filter with a single-piece filter?

With their perfect fit and rock solidity, 1-piece surf suits are ideal for surfing. And, for adequate protection, choose a model with long legs. It will protect you from the sun and the wind, perfect for the end of the day.

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Materials and colors

While we’re all looking for a women’s swimsuit that combines fashion and performance, remember that functionality comes before style when it comes to fitness.

In terms of fabrics, give preference to synthetic polyester-based blends. Pleasant to wear and quick-drying, they also guarantee optimum suppleness and stretch. Ideally, avoid woven fabrics such as linen, knitted, or crocheted fabrics; they tend to fall and slip, taking a long time to dry.

About colors and prints: dare! Do what you want! However, remember that water increases the transparency of the fabric. So avoid association: white/light colors on delicate fabrics.