DCA Full Form & Meaning

DCA Full Form & Meaning

Today we will learn the DCA full form as well as its all possible meanings in simple language. The DCA term is commonly used in the TCS while it plays a significant role in other fields like a computer, finance, banking, microbiology, medical, etc. so, below we are going to learn and understand the different meanings of the DCA and its full forms. This article is very useful for those who want to learn the DCA term’s full forms. Literally, it gives all possible information related to the DCA term. Now, let us start to learn the DCA’s meanings and also understand what is the DCA full form? 

DCA Full Form 

The fullform of the DCA is the Diploma in Computer Application 

D – Diploma in

C – Computer 

A – ApplicationDCA Full Form

The DCA is the Diploma in Computer Application, which is a one-year’s diploma or course purely based on the computer. The main aim of this course is to provide learners with basic and realistic technological details to programming tools and daily used applications. 

DCA Full Form In Computer 

The full form of the DCA in the computer is the Diploma in Computer Application 

D – Diploma in

C – Computer 

A – ApplicationDCA Full Form In Computer

In the computer, the DCA means the Diploma in Computer Application, for which all candidates are eligible. And the objective of this course is to impart a basic level of computer knowledge with more emphasis on hands-on training.  

DCA Full Form In TCS 

The full form of the DCA in the TCS is the Digital Capability Assessment 

D – Digital 

C – Capability 

A – AssessmentDCA Full Form In TCS 

In the Tata Communication Services, the DCA is the Digital Capability Assessment, which is the Camera Proctored Assessment conducted in the month of March. 

DCA Full Form In Banking 

The full form of the DCA in banking is the Direct Corporate Access 

D – Direct 

C – Corporate 

A – AccessDCA Full Form In Banking

In banking, the DCA means the Direct Corporate Access, which will provide bank’s business customers with direct access to the Faster Payments Service, clearing service in a very similar way that Bacstel-IP provides access to BACS.  

DCA Full Form In Microbiology 

The full form of the DCA in microbiology is the Deoxycholate Citrate Agar 

D – Deoxycholate 

C – Citrate 

A – AgarDCA Full Form In Microbiology

In microbiology, the DCA is the Deoxycholate Citrate Agar is used for the isolation of enteric pathogens and is a solid bacteriological growth medium.  

DCA Full Form In Medical 

The full form of the DCA in medical is the Directional Coronary Atherectomy 

D – Directional 

C – Coronary 

A – Atherectomy DCA Full Form In Medical

In medical, the DCA means the Directional Coronary Atherectomy, which is a minimally invasive procedure used to remove the blockage from coronary arteries and to clear the path for the blood flow to the heart muscles and ease the pain. 

DCA Full Form In Finance

The full form of the DCA in finance is the Dollar Cost Averaging 

D – Dollar 

C – Cost 

A – AveragingDCA Full Form In Finance

In finance, the DCA means the Dollar Cost Averaging is the automatic investment of a set momentary amount on a periodic basis. 

DCA Full Form In Pharma 

The full form of the DCA in pharma is the Drug Control Authority 

D – Drug 

C – Control 

A – AuthorityDCA Full Form In Pharma

In pharma, the DCA means the Drug Control Authority, which was established under the Control of Drugs and Cosmetics Regulations 1984.   

ADCA Full Form 

The full form of the ADCA is the Advanced Diploma in Computer Application 

A – Advanced 

D – Diploma 

C – Computer 

A – ApplicationADCA Full Form

PGDCA Full Form 

The full form of the PGDCA is the Post Graduation Diploma in Computer Application

P – Post

G – Graduation

D – Diploma

C – Computer 

A – ApplicationPGDCA Full Form

DCA Stands For 

The DCA stands for the Diploma in Computer Application 

D – Diploma 

C – Computer 

A – Application 


What Is A DCA Course? 

The DCA means the Diploma in Computer Application and is completely based on the computer, and it provides a platform to understand the computer fundamentals and architecture. After completing the DCA course, learners work in the field of IT. 

What Is The DCA Syllabus? 

The DCS has the following syllabus 

  • Introduction to Computer 
  • Principle of Programming 
  • Programming Language Database 
  • Word Processing and Spreadsheet 
  • Project Management 
  • Unix Operating System 
  • Management Information Systems 
  • Financial Accounting System 

What Is The Qualification For The DCA Course? 

The minimum qualification for the DCA course is the 10th class. 

Can We Do DCA After 10th? 

Yes, you can do the DCA diploma after completing your 10th class. 


In this article, we have studied the DCA term with its full forms and meanings in detail. The DCA means the Diploma in Computer Application, which is a one-year computer-related program. If you love to work on the computer’s different applications and modify them, then the DCA course is best for you. After completing the DCA course, the candidates offer a very high package and facilities also. Therefore, it is financially best for you, if you want to earn more money.  Now, you have understood the DCA full form. 


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