Classic Patterned Shirt Designs for Men: 4  styles ‘IN’ this season

Men pay a lot of attention to the designs or patterns of the shirt they want to wear. These shirt designs add a touch of elegance, enhance their appearance, and make them stand out among the others.

The shirt design for men will allow men to choose the shirt according to the occasion or event. This means they will surely find a shirt with a design perfect for a formal or a casual occasion.

This article will teach about some of the unique and popular shirt designs or patterns that men across the globe love.

Types of Shirt Design/Patterns Worth Opting For

Under this section will find some coolest and most well-known shirt designs. Let’s find out!

  • Chalk Stripes

This design got its name from the lines of the tailor’s chalk because the stripe lines on the shorts resemble them. They are 2 yarns to 5 yarns wide and resemble a lot more of the rope pattern. Stripe’s width might vary greatly because they are much wider when compared to pinstripes.

The chalk stripes are conventional designs and give out an old-school vibe. They are viewed as a style many bankers and businessmen follow for their suiting. But in today’s era, they have become much more casual and fashionable.

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  • Pencil Stripes

This is another shirt design/pattern which every man wants in his wardrobe. The pencil stripes are narrow and thin stripes that resemble the lines drawn with a pencil. They are much thinner than the candy stripes but wider than the pinstripes. The width between the stripes from one shirt to another is also known as the dress stripes.

  • Gingham

Comes mostly in dual-shaded patterns, Gingham is known as a check material where horizontal and vertical stripes are of equal width to form a checkered design. This shirt design comes in both small and large patterns, and when the patterns are pretty larger, it appears both causal and louder.

Due to such reasons, these shirts are worn with shorts or jeans. The smaller patterns are viewed to be appropriate for formal or business occasions. They can also be worn during casual events. The best part about these patterns is that they will look good without ironing.

It’s mainly because the design/pattern can easily hide all the wrinkles and not draw attention from other individuals. Moreover, you can also wear them with all sorts of jeans and trousers.

  • Tartan

Associated mostly with Scottish, this shirt design is found commonly on the Scottish kilts. Tartan is known as “PLAID,” and it originated from woven wool in the United States. But in this modern era, Tartan is made from various materials.

This shirt is numerous colored horizontal and vertical additions to the crisscrossed shirt design. Plaids and Tartan are a stylish and timeless addition to the men’s closet. It’s an ideal option for a casual day, and you can easily dress down and dress up with it and pair it with shorts, chinos, or denim.

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Ending Note

There are many different shirt patterns or designs available these days. You will find trending designs for men on, designer shopping platform: Aza Fashions. By looking at the design, you can easily plan out the shirt you want to wear during business meets, casual events, and traditional occasions.