Best Insurance Policy For New Born Baby In India: Benefits & Importance

New parents want the best for their babies, especially in terms of medical care. Which parent would not want their newborn to receive the best medical facilities available? Due to the working culture of today, even new parents could feel guilty sometimes for not being able to give enough attention to their children. While they cannot be physically there for the baby at all times of the day, what they can do is ensure that the baby’s health is secured. They can buy health insurance online and get one step closer to prioritizing their newborn’s health. 

Why Is It Important To Have Medical Insurance For Your Baby?

Health insurance is important for people of all age groups. You must have heard that the sooner you get medical insurance, the better it is. How about you get it for your baby right from the beginning? Becoming a parent comes with a lot of responsibility. As a new parent, you have a lot going on already, and if an option gives you one less thing to worry about, you should take it. A newborn increases the doctor’s visits by a significant number. Health insurance companies offer a lot of additional facilities these days along with the policy, which can come in handy while you make these visits. You can go through the various plans available in the market and get the best health insurance for your newborn. 

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How To Find The Best Insurance Policy For A Newborn?

There are a few things that should not be overlooked while investing in a health insurance policy, whether it is for you or your baby. While there are a lot of great Health Insurance plans in India, not every plan will be perfect for them. Pay attention to the below-mentioned points before signing up for a plan.

What Does The Plan Cover?

The best insurance policy for your newborn is the one that provides the best coverage; therefore, look carefully at what all the plan covers before investing.

Know The Premium:

Enquire about the premium that you will be required to pay once you purchase the policy. Premium prices have a significant impact on a health insurance plan. 

Know Your Options:

Do not purchase the first policy that you like; always look around and compare premium charges and services provided to ensure that you are investing in the best policy for you. Jumping to conclusions and buying the first policy advertised to you can make you regret it later. It is therefore suggested to take an informed decision. 

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Read The Terms And Conditions Carefully :

Health insurance plans may come with certain exclusions; read the terms properly before signing the documents. Overlooking any exclusions may land you in a situation that comes to you as a surprise when you least want it. 

Look For Customizations:

Sometimes, the best insurance policy is the one that you make by talking to your insurer. Before finalizing the policy for your baby, make sure that you speak with the lender and look for any available customizations in the plan. 

Benefits Of Getting Health Insurance For A Newborn:

1) Financial Security:

If you are someone who bought health insurance for yourself must have wondered at least once what it would have been like if your parents had got it for you. How much financial security would you have received had you renewed the same plan since then? You can save your child from asking these questions when they grow up. Medical expenses are the last thing you want to be worried about, whether they are your own or your child’s. You are going to thank yourself if a need to make a claim arises, or you can also look for a policy with a no-claim bonus. It’s a win-win situation, along with a smart financial move. 

2) You Can Get It Online:

In today’s digital world, you can get online health insurance while sitting at your home, playing with your baby. All your need is a device and an internet connection. Once you have decided on the insurer that you want to purchase the policy from, you can directly visit their site and fill in the required details along with uploading the documents. And voila! You have purchased medical insurance for your newborn. 

3) Add Them To Your Family Floater Plan:

If you have an ongoing family floater health insurance policy, you can add your newborn to the same plan. There is no need for you to purchase a new plan for them. Insurance providers allow up to two children to be added to the family floater pack. 

4) It Is Affordable:

Medical insurance for babies is way cheaper than they are for other age groups. It is the best time for you to invest in your child’s health as you will not be required to spend a ton. You get medical security at a low price for your child.

5) Additional Benefits:

Along with covering hospitalization and other costs, some best health insurance companies also provide coverage for health checkups, vaccinations, etc. Always check with your insurer what they cover prior to applying for the policy.

6) Stay Stress-Free:

New parents are already fairly stressed. Taking care of a newborn is no easy task. The parents barely get enough sleep, especially during the initial phases of the newborn. Even in the developing stages of the baby, where they learn to walk, they are prone to getting injuries. While a parent always ensures that nothing happens to the baby, they can stay even more secure by investing in medical insurance as early as they can. This can help lower their stress level, and they will be able to enjoy this beautiful phase of their life. 


No matter the amount of help new parents get, it can never be enough. This is the time when you need extra help to take care of the baby and as parents yourself. You can seek assistance for medical help and buy health insurance online. Getting medical insurance for your baby is a wise decision. It is as good for you as it is for the baby. You can look for the above-mentioned qualities in a plan to pick the best insurance plan for your baby and remain stress-free in this amazing phase of your life.