Which Subjects in Commerce are There without Maths in class 11?  

As soon as students are done with their secondary education in class 10th, confusion starts knocking their minds, and this is quite natural. Choosing a suitable domain of interest is one of the most important decisions in one’s academic journey, as class 11th and class 12th are considered the foundation years for your professional quest. The most loved stream in class 11th is Commerce, which is generally opted by most students. For those, who are thinking of opting for Commerce after class 10th, it is important for you to be aware of the varied subjects included in it. Now, if you do not want to opt for Commerce because you are not good in Maths, you will be relieved to know that there are many streams in Commerce without Maths subjects in class 11. But before discussing that, let us understand the scope of Commerce. 

Subjects in Commerce:  

Commerce as a subject provides an in-depth knowledge of finance, accounting system, business management skills, and so on. If you love playing and dealing with numbers, analyzing data, and learning about trade, choosing Commerce is your ideal career stream. To get a better idea of what studying Commerce in class 11th entails, let us go into detail about the subjects that are important in Commerce. And you would be surprised to know that there are many Commerce streams that do not require maths. 

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Core Subjects:  

  1. Accountancy

Commerce is incomplete without accountancy, as it plays an important role in keeping proper records of every financial transaction of the firm. Accountancy involves the measurement, processing, and communication of the financial data of a particular business, corporation, or other economic entity. Any top company in any industry requires proper accounting to determine its financial results. Accountancy is a mandatory subject in Commerce. It provides a core understanding of an organisation’s expenses and revenue system by giving detailed knowledge regarding preparing financial statements, maintaining business transactions, designing accounting databases, and so on. The topics under accountancy are- financial accounting, accounting process, financial statement and analysis, accounting for partnerships, non-profit organizations, etc. 

  1. Economics

Commerce has no meaning without economics. Economics is the study of how an economy operates at a national and international level and basic elements in the economy, such as individual agents, markets, and their interaction. By studying economics, students learn about the key aspects of an economy at the micro and macro levels. These two subfields of economics collectively provide knowledge of developed economics along with the basics of statistical tools. The key topics of economics are – statistics for economics, introductory microeconomics, introduction to macroeconomics, Indian economic development, and so on.  

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  1. Business Studies

This subject deals with how different kinds of businesses work as well as its various aspects like calculating and responding to the risks and changes that affect the business environment and trade on economics, political and social upfront. Students can gain knowledge about how to operate a business idea smoothly and also get to know about their framework and the processes involved in its working. Also, one gets a hold of the theoretical foundation of handling business operations and their interdependent nature. The key subjects that business studies cover are- internal trade, emerging modes of business, principles and functions of management, business finance and marketing, and so on.  

  1. English

English is a compulsory subject in every stream, be it Commerce, science or arts. Considered to be the global language, it is rapidly finding its place amongst the commonly spoken languages in the world. English is added as a subject in almost every education level across all across the globe. One gets to master the writing, reading, and listening skills of this language.   

Optional Subjects in Commerce without maths subjects class 11  

  1. Information Practices

Information Practices deal with the study of data and Commerce and go beyond the application of computers. If a student opts for this subject in their class 11th, they will learn about computer systems, debug and create programs, and integrated device electronics, amongst others.   

  1. Physical Education

This is one of the easiest scoring disciplines in different commerce subjects in class 11th. Physical education is ideal for those interested in sports, yoga, physical fitness, etc. Also, this is one of the easiest optional subjects among others.  

  1. Psychology

Referred to as the study of the human mind and behaviour, psychology is also a frequently opted discipline among the optional subjects of Commerce. Psychology is a vast subject with various aspects and parts, and choosing psychology as an optional subject will help students to learn and improve their critical and analytical reasoning.   

  1. Fine Arts

For those striving to explore their hidden artistic talents, fine arts can be a great option to choose from the options. It mainly comprises the study of art history, techniques, and trends, and one can choose a specialization from different fields like painting, visual art, theatrical art, etc. 

  1. Other languages (Hindi, German, etc.)

If you are inclined towards learning the intricacies of a language alongside studying the core commerce students in class 11th, then you can opt to study a native language like Hindi, or even a foreign language like French, German, etc. This is an excellent option for those who want to pursue a career in a foreign language.  


Commerce is a diverse career choice, and one must be very careful when choosing Commerce career option. You need not make the assumption that you have to study Maths as a core subject as there are Commerce without maths subjects class 11. Career planning is no easy job, so always consider your interests while choosing your stream. It is always advised to take help from an expert, from unbiased counsellors, and clear out all confusion. The team at iDreamCareer always believes in helping young minds so that they can discover their true interests and passions. The experts always help confused minds to select their most-suited career choices. Get a chance to seek assistance from experts and pave your career path accordingly.