What Is Work Of Tehsildar?

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In the administrative setup of many countries, the role of a Tehsildar holds significant importance, especially in the context of revenue administration. A Tehsildar is a key figure responsible for managing revenue-related matters and ensuring the smooth functioning of administrative processes at the Tehsil level. In this blog post, we will explore the work of a Tehsildar, their responsibilities, and their vital role in the governance structure.

What Is Work Of Tehsildar?

A Tehsildar, also known as a Revenue Officer or a Talukdar in some regions, is a government official who serves as a representative of the revenue administration. They are typically appointed by the government and play a crucial role in maintaining law and order, collecting revenue, and providing administrative support at the Tehsil level.

Responsibilities Of A Tehsildar:

  1. Revenue Collection and Management: One of the primary responsibilities of a Tehsildar is to oversee the collection of revenue, including land revenue, property tax, and other related fees. They ensure that the revenue collection process is carried out efficiently, accurately, and in accordance with the prevailing laws and regulations.
  2. Land Administration: Tehsildars play a vital role in land administration. They maintain land records, update ownership details, and resolve land-related disputes. They are responsible for conducting surveys, demarcating boundaries, and ensuring the proper registration of land transactions within their jurisdiction.
  3. Administrative Duties: Tehsildars perform various administrative duties within their Tehsil. They coordinate with other government departments, maintain records, and provide administrative support to the Tehsil office. They handle public grievances, issue various certificates, and facilitate the execution of government schemes and programs at the grassroots level.
  4. Law and Order: Tehsildars are responsible for maintaining law and order within their jurisdiction. They collaborate with the local police authorities, maintain peace during public gatherings or protests, and ensure the enforcement of relevant laws and regulations.
  5. Disaster Management: In times of natural disasters or emergencies, Tehsildars play a critical role in coordinating relief and rehabilitation efforts. They work closely with other government agencies, mobilize resources, and provide assistance to affected individuals or communities.
  6. Election Duties: During elections, Tehsildars are actively involved in conducting and overseeing the electoral process. They manage polling stations, supervise voter registration, and ensure a fair and transparent election.


The role of a Tehsildar is multi-faceted, encompassing revenue administration, land management, law and order, and various administrative functions. They act as a bridge between the government and the local populace, ensuring effective governance and efficient delivery of public services. Tehsildars play a significant role in maintaining revenue records, resolving land disputes, and collecting revenue. Their responsibilities extend to maintaining law and order, handling administrative duties, and contributing to disaster management efforts. By fulfilling their duties diligently and upholding the principles of good governance, Tehsildars contribute to the overall development and welfare of their respective regions.


What Is The Work Of A Tehsildar Class 6?

The Chapter goes on to further define the work of a Tehsildar which are: Collecting land revenue. Providing caste certificates to the students. Keeping track of the work done by the Patwari.

Is Tehsildar Powerful?

The Tehsildar and Naib Tehsildar, are the Key officer in the revenue administration and exercise powers of the Assistant Collector 2nd grade. While deciding partition cases; the Tehsildar assumes the powers of Assistant Collector 1st grade.

Is Tehsildar And Collector Same?

Tehsildars also known as revenue Officers work under the District Collector.

What Is Tahsildar Called In English?

: a revenue officer in India.


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