What Is Declamation Competition?

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Declamation competitions have long been a cherished tradition in schools, colleges, and public speaking forums. These events provide a platform for individuals to showcase their oratory skills, dramatic flair, and ability to captivate an audience through powerful speeches. In this blog post, we will delve into the world of declamation competitions, understanding their purpose, rules, and the valuable skills they nurture in participants.

What Is Declamation Competition?

A declamation competition is a public speaking event in which participants deliver a memorized speech with emotion, conviction, and rhetorical flair. The speeches are usually selected from famous literary works, historical speeches, or contemporary pieces that convey a powerful message. Participants strive to bring these words to life, employing vocal inflections, gestures, and facial expressions to engage and inspire the audience.

The Purpose Of Declamation Competitions:

1. Developing Oratory Skills:

Declamation competitions provide a platform for participants to hone their oratory skills. By delivering speeches with passion and confidence, individuals develop their abilities to articulate ideas, project their voices, and use effective body language. They learn to engage with the audience and communicate their message with impact.

2. Enhancing Public Speaking Abilities:

Public speaking is a valuable skill in various aspects of life, from academic presentations to professional engagements. Declamation competitions offer participants the opportunity to overcome stage fright, build self-assurance, and polish their delivery techniques. Through practice and constructive feedback, individuals learn to connect with diverse audiences and convey their ideas effectively.

3. Expressing Emotion and Empathy:

In declamation competitions, participants are tasked with bringing the words of others to life and conveying the intended emotions behind the speeches. This exercise allows individuals to explore their own capacity for empathy, understanding different perspectives, and expressing emotions authentically. It nurtures the ability to connect with others and evoke emotional responses through words.

4. Appreciating Literature and Historical Speeches:

Declamation competitions often involve selecting speeches from significant literary works or historical speeches. Through this process, participants gain exposure to influential works of literature, learn about historical figures, and appreciate the power of words in shaping society. It encourages an exploration of different genres, styles, and voices throughout history.

Rules And Guidelines:

Declamation competitions typically adhere to certain rules and guidelines to ensure fairness and consistency. These may include:

  1. Time Limit: Each participant is given a specified time limit within which they must deliver their speech.
  2. Originality: Participants must deliver the chosen speeches verbatim, without any personal modifications or additions.
  3. Memorization: Speeches are expected to be memorized and delivered without relying on written notes or prompts.
  4. Judging Criteria: Competitions are judged based on various aspects, including delivery, clarity of expression, emotional impact, vocal variety, and stage presence.


Declamation competitions provide a platform for individuals to showcase their oratory skills, convey powerful messages, and connect with audiences through the art of public speaking. By participating in these events, individuals develop valuable communication skills, build confidence, and appreciate the power of words. Whether it is delivering famous speeches from history or contemporary pieces with a strong message, declamation competitions offer a transformative experience that nurtures self-expression, empathy, and effective communication.


What Is An Example Of A Declamation?

It could be a sentence, taken alone or from a speech, like Patrick Henry’s “Give me liberty or give me death” or “Remember the Alamo.”

How Do You Win A Declamation Competition?

Great speakers speak at a rate of 110-115 words per minute, while the average person speaks at around 150-170 words per minute. The human mind can absorb only a limited number of spoken words or ideas. If you speak faster than about 130 words per minute, you will lose your audience in a sea of words.

What Are The Rules Of Declamation?

The speaker should have an introduction which is at most one minute and names the work, author, and describes the circumstances under which the speech was originally presented. The original speaker’s words must not be altered for the presentation with the exception that cutting is permitted.

What Type Of Speech Is A Declamation Contest?

A declamation speech is the term used to describe the re-giving of an important or famous speech. It could be a political, graduation or commencement speech, a eulogy, a sermon: any type of speech at all as long as it’s one that had significant impact on those who heard it.


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