Things You Should Know Before You Board Your Train

Trains are the most preferred way of travelling in our country, mainly due to the affordability, comfort, and safety offered by the Indian Railways. While taking a train journey in India, you can capture the essence of the diverse Indian culture and lifestyle from a close distance. Today, tons of lightning-fast services provided by apps such as RailMitra are available at our fingertips. These apps have completely revolutionised train travelling in India. A rail app will guarantee an amazing train journey experience with services like checking train schedules, trains between stations, and many more. 

If you are new to train travel and intend on taking a journey anytime soon, here are a few important things to consider before boarding your train.

Do Not Forget to Carry Your Ticket

Trains in India get booked in advance, so purchasing tickets much earlier than your travel date is crucial by using any suitable online reservation system. Check train schedules, seat availability, and ticket fares using a Rail app before purchasing your ticket. Book your tickets online by visiting the Indian Railways website.

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Know Your Ticket PNR Status 

If you have booked a RAC or waitlist category ticket, you should keep a tab on the reservation status before finally boarding your train. The RailMitra app has an additional feature that allows you to verify the PNR status of your tickets and have a stress-free travel experience.

Stay Updated on the Baggage Policies

Read about the updated train baggage policies on the Indian Railways website before packing your bags to avoid getting penalised or facing any other discomfort during your journey. Your trip will proceed without any hiccups when you plan your trip, knowing about the dos and don’ts of carrying baggage on trains.

Track Your Train in Real Time

It would be best to reach the railway station at least half an hour before the departure time to avoid any last-minute hassles. Be aware of when your train will arrive and depart, your coach number, and view the final chart before reaching the station on your rail app. RailMitra is a great app to keep track of Indian trains in real-time. It can help you locate the exact position of any train.

Get Familiar with Your Train’s Routes

When you know your train route, you can decide well in advance when to get off and make any necessary transfers. Knowing the train stops lets you check possible delays, take required precautions and alter your itinerary to have a stress-free trip.

Keep a Pre-departure Checklist Ready

A ready pre-departure checklist will cover the details of things needed for the journey and help avert any stressful surprises or delays. It will also help ensure the security and safety of your belongings. With a pre-departure checklist, you can keep your expenses under control and avoid any costly mistakes along the way.

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Pack a Light Luggage to Move Around Freely

Light baggage is ideal for moving around during your train journey. Sometimes you may not find sufficient space around you on the train to place heavy luggage. Light-weight luggage will also make baggage transfer from one place to another less cumbersome.

Keep a Battery Backup for Electronic Gadgets

Consider bringing a power backup if you rely heavily on your phones or other electronic gadgets. Although you may find charging points in trains, you may have to wait for your turn while your co-passengers use the charging point.

Carry Personal Toiletries to Stay Safe

Sanitation is an essential part of a journey, especially for avoiding the spread of likely air-borne diseases such as Covid-19. Use a small pouch for your essential toiletry items, including a hand sanitizer and a towel for ensuring good hygiene throughout your train journey.

Bring Your Personal Entertainment Items

Some train rides can be lengthy and boring, especially when travelling alone. But, the positive aspect is the uninterrupted time at your disposal with absolutely nothing to do. Plan wisely to do things you don’t normally find time for in your busy routine. You can bring a book to read, watch movies you never found time to watch or stare outside the window to take in the beautiful countryside view of India.

Use Food on Train Options to Enjoy Delicious Cuisines

Do not stress if you aren’t carrying your food because you always have plenty of options for pre-booked meals during a train journey. Food delivery apps like RailRestro have made our journeys more memorable. They offer wonderful deals on meals, allowing you to easily order restaurant food on train online and get it delivered to your seat in no time.

Opt For Comfortable Clothing to Stay Relaxed

Train journeys can be tiring, so it’s best to wear comfortable clothing. Consider weather conditions and your physical comfort before deciding what clothing to wear for the trip. Usually, during train journeys, the temperature inside can get cold at night, irrespective of the weather conditions. So it’s good to choose warmer outfits for the journey.

Carry Some Change Money  

You should carry some change money when travelling by train. Sometimes it may not be feasible to use cashless or online payment options during your train journey. Instead of carrying higher value cash, you should keep some small change. It is easier to take porter services and purchase any item you find exclusive at railway stations with currency notes.

Use Luggage Safety Measures for a Secure Ride

Don’t leave your suitcases, bags, and other personal belongings unsecured or on display. Carry a padlock and chain for fastening your luggage beneath your seat in your coach. Luggage safety measures will surely provide you the peace of mind you look for while travelling.

The fascinating mix of sights, smells, and sounds observed on the Indian trains and platforms radiates an energy that isn’t found anywhere else in the world. Remember the travel tips above and use Rail apps before boarding your train to have a trouble-free journey.

Download and use the RailMitra App to enjoy your rides with the Indian Railways. RailMitra is an amazing app with an inbuilt AI technology dedicated to enhancing your train travelling experience. Its features include PNR status check, Train schedule, Seat Availability, and more.