The Secrets to Video Marketing with A Small Budget

Secrets can be so exciting in the right context. Of course, they can also be devastating. Secrets with the right intentions though can give us an edge. Marketing is all about secrets whether you’re sharing them with your audience or leveraging them to reach more people. Check out one of the best free video maker tools from the Promo Editor through which you can share whatever secret you want to your audience and with very little budget. 

Make your Free Video Maker Count

We all wish we could click our fingers and create stunning videos online. Life doesn’t work that way but a free video editor can feel like a magic wand at times. This assumes you do your prep work before you make videos. It makes sure that your video marketing campaign will turn out as effective as you want it to be. So, understand your goals through:

  • Planning
  • Targeting
  • Placing 

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Before you get started with creating videos, make sure you know what type of video clips will appeal to your target audience. First, do your research about your topic and content. For instance, what are your competitors doing and what kind of images are they using? 

You might also want to consider what type of online video you want to make. There are various formats such as how-to-guides, tutorials, or testimonials, among others. Of course, your free video maker will have templates to cover each of those structures. 

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Once you have a plan for your content, you now need to add the details. You do this by getting to know your audience and ideal personas. For example, what are their buying habits and which social media platforms do they use most? You can then find the right images to upload into your video maker. 

Targeting the right people with your video clips means understanding how to appeal to their curiosity and emotions. So, make sure you also include the right music and call-to-action lines in your videos. 


Most online video maker tools will allow you to share your video straight to your preferred social media channel. At this point, you also need to remember your other free channels such as email and your website. It’s important to maximize all avenues with your first video and all the following ones to reach as many people as possible.

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Budgeting with your Free Video Maker 

Now that you know how to make a video with the right content, what about your budget? Clearly, a free video maker doesn’t cost you anything. Nevertheless, you might want to include some of your own content. Either way, here are some tips to keep your budget to a minimum and still produce quality videos. 

  • Templates 
  • Video editor 
  • Freelancers and students 


The first advantage of working with a video maker is that you have access to a large stock of templates. It’s then easy for you to customize them to suit your brand with video editing tools. They really are very easy to use for anyone, from beginner to advanced users.

Each video template has been structured for marketing purposes such that it’s clear and to the point. This means that you can still make professional videos online even if you don’t know anything about filming techniques. 

Editing tools 

Whether you include your own content or simply adjust a template, it’s straightforward to edit what you need. You’ll be able to drag and drop various features while clicking on relevant effects to optimize your video clips. 

Of course, if you start filming your own content then you might have to consider a small budget. You can keep this to a minimum by using your smartphone. That’s because the video editor has all the features you need to make quality videos. 

Don’t forget that a free video maker also has a library of music and audio files with no rights reserved. That’s essentially the same as royalty-free which means you can enhance your images with the perfect music without worrying about copyright laws. 

Freelancers and students 

A useful tip if you want some extra hands on deck is to reach out to freelancers and students. You can usually keep salary costs to a minimum while also bringing on fresh talent that you can groom to your style. This can also be useful if you’re targeting a similar age group for your target audience. They’ll then be able to give ideas on content. 

Final Recommendations for Video Marketing with a Small Budget 

Social media has made marketing accessible to any sized business. Now, you also have the advantage of a range of free video maker tools to choose from. Simply remember to plan ahead, get to know your audience, and choose your video creator software tool. Then, post your videos online and get sharing and liking on social media. With the right content when you create videos, you’ll quickly gather followers to your brand and all for a minimal budget.