Teachers’ Guide To Online Courses

For the last two years, online teaching has taken place for classes in almost all educational institutions around the world. The online system of education has been in effect during this period. This system was put into effect to make sure that classes could continue even when the entire world had come to a standstill due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the lockdowns imposed to prevent the spreading of the deadly virus. This system was initially designed only to ensure that classes could be conducted smoothly and the academic cycle was not disturbed due to the pandemic. With time, the entire education system and all the activities related to the same switched to the online. Teachers and students who were very reluctant to try the new system now started enjoying the online experience. This was majorly because of the various methods and tools that this system offered them for an enhanced experience online. During the last few months, the COVID-19 situation has improved and the number of positive cases being reported every day has reduced. This has led to the schools, colleges and all other educational institutions being ordered to reopen and resume classes in the offline mode. These orders have been passed for students of all age groups. This is the first time after the pandemic that all the teachers and students will be present physically in their classrooms together. This is the news that the teachers and the students had eagerly waited for, ever since the educational institutions had shut down back in 2020. Now that classes will resume in the offline mode and have already resumed in the offline mode for most students, many teachers and students are not very willing to leave behind their online tools, which they are now very familiar with and find easy to use. 

The offline classes resuming does not mean that the online methods, modes and tools that were in use will no longer be of use or go completely out of use. The online education system helped in bridging the gaps and fixing the loopholes of the offline system and hence the tools offered by this system will also be extremely useful now. One such mode of teaching and learning is an online course. Many teachers  use instagram marketing strategies online to share their knowledge and skills with the students and benefit the students who wish to learn from their homes at their own pace and as per their convenience. Online courses are very popular these days especially because a teacher and a student can both devote time to this type of course even after attending regular offline classes in school or college. In this article, we will discuss online courses and help our readers who are teachers or wish to teach online using online courses in how they can create and sell online courses. We will talk about the various aspects related to the same and how online courses can be beneficial for them as well as their students. 

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Creating online courses becomes easier when you choose an online courses platform that offers the tools for the same. You can record and edit your course videos and also add reading material, additional sources and links and also links to videos, e-books and audiobooks for the students to explore and learn more. You can also share question papers, quizzes and tests with your students to help them monitor their progress. 

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One of the major questions asked by people who are looking forward to teaching online using online courses is about how to promote your business on social media. Selling online courses becomes easier when you choose the right platform and target the right audience. As you know, online courses are not only attended by students but also by professionals and freshers, you must choose the platform not only based on how popular the platform is but also on how relevant your course is for the audience that is using the platform. You must choose the platforms with advanced features and tools and also find the platforms that offer you some additional benefits using the same. Promoting your courses using social media can be a good option and offering free course videos on popular streaming platforms can also help students know about your courses on other platforms.