Signing Up For Telegram Without Mobile Phone Number

Telegram is the most advanced instant messaging app at the moment. It has several unique features that other similar services lack. Such as the ability to sign in with many accounts simultaneously and quickly move between them as needed. Some users are having trouble using this function though. This is due to the fact that using the same phone number to establish many profiles is not feasible, and they only have access to their personal number. However, that isn’t an issue anymore. You may register for as many accounts on Telegram as required using a service called a virtual number for SMS.

What is a virtual phone number?

The aim of this tool is misunderstood by a large number of novice users. They claim that a virtual number is simply a set of some digits that cannot be utilized in any way, even to receive SMS. But in fact, it works for any purpose from those for which people use regular mobile numbers.

They may easily obtain one-time passwords from various websites and apps. However, in addition to giving customers the opportunity to sign up for online services, they also offer the greatest degree of protection and privacy on the internet. People who for a variety of reasons value their online confidentiality and opt to remain anonymous on the web actively operate virtual phone numbers.

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Online accessibility

One of the best things about virtual numbers is that they are available for purchase and use completely online. People from anywhere in the world may take advantage of them. You only need an internet connection and a contemporary device such as a smartphone, laptop, or personal computer. The worry that you won’t be able to use basic online services when traveling is thus unfounded.

In addition, this tool offers a great workaround for situations when utilizing specific services is restricted or even prohibited. For instance, with a virtual phone number from the US, anyone in Iran or India may register accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat. It is also possible for those who are not from Turkey to get a Turkish virtual number and sign up for local services like Yemeksepeti, Getir, and Hopi.

Using a virtual phone number to sign up for Telegram

SMS-Man is among the most well-known internet providers of virtual numbers for registration on Telegram. This platform offers users the opportunity to get both disposable and long-term virtual phone numbers fast and without having to go through any challenging stages. By following these procedures, anyone may utilize their service to obtain and activate a virtual number to receive OTP from Telegram:

  1. Create an account on
  2. Use one of the available payment options to replenish its balance.
  3. Choose the preferred country of cellular provider on the main page of service.
  4. Use the search function on the tab that is placed beneath the section with countries to find Telegram.
  5. Press the purchase button to buy a virtual phone number.

Requested virtual number will appear both in your personal profile and at the top of the main page of website. There is no need to do anything with it after making a purchase in order to utilize it for the intended purpose.

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Just copy this virtual phone number and proceed to the step of signing up for Telegram. Enter it on the registration form when there is a need to provide a mobile phone number and request a verification code. Once the code has been sent, go back to the SMS-Man website and click on “Get SMS.” Create an account using disclosed verification code.

In essence, virtual numbers allow registering numerous accounts on Telegram. There are no limitations on how many numbers one individual can get and activate. You only need to do this repeatedly and use new virtual phone numbers one by one. There won’t be any issues when going this way.