Necessity of Gratitude in Student Life

Student life teaches a lot of things in life. It is so because in student life we learn a lot of lessons, apart from academic lessons we learn many practical lessons also from life. Though parents try to teach their kids a lot of good lessons at home and also get them taught such lessons in schools also but few lessons are taught by life and the one who understands those lessons live a successful life ahead. One of such lessons is Gratitude. It is sad to say but today this attribute is getting lost among the arrogance and feeling of too much pride people are having in them. But the questions arise what is Gratitude. Gratitude is a particular feeling of thankfulness towards the world and those individuals who are always there to help in the hour of need. Gratitude is related with selflessness and in order to practice gratitude the most crucial hurdle which comes in the way is Ego. The best time of teaching such attributes is student life. This is the time when students learn such good manners and attributes very fast, basically they learn anything in this time period very fast. Today students are learning fast with the help of online learning which is supported by school management software and institute ERP. It is so because institute ERP and school management software help students to attain knowledge in safe mode. And with the help of online learning students are learning many other attributes like gratitude too. Students need to understand that gratitude doesn’t require much, instead it is just to be thankful for what you have and not seek for more. 

It is very unfortunate to say that people don’t have this attribute usually, people have forgotten to show gratitude and that’s why respect among people is getting vanished. People have nearly stopped respecting each other. Though this attribute exists in almost all cultures and religions, people in the west show gratitude to God by saying “grace” before meals and in gulf countries people say “shukran” for expressing their gratitude towards someone or God. Expressing gratitude is virtuous that means you don’t take things for granted. Students who are still in their student life must practice it and bring it into habit so that it may benefit them in personal and professional life. Like students must be full of gratitude towards their tutors because they provide the knowledge which decorates their future. The best way to receive gratitude is to help selflessly and don’t expect anything in return, the helped person will be full of gratitude for you itself. Like students must help their fellows with learning and understanding those topics which weak students can’t get. In return the other student will be full of gratitude. There are several benefits of practicing gratitude. When you are full of gratitude then you become polite to others and get rid of ego problems. Gratitude and ego are enemies, they can’t stay in one mind with each other, and it will be wise to choose gratitude over ego. That student who can practice gratitude contains the gift of enjoying and valuing what they have, which makes them rewarding friends and companions. 

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There are some more benefits of practicing gratitude. Many studies have shown that people who are grateful have higher levels of well-being, happiness and satisfied mental health because they feel better about themselves and about whatever they have. In student life gratitude becomes the base of good relations. such as when a student is grateful to her mentors, peers and parents then he or she becomes able to create very healthy relationships with these people because it makes them all feel good that their efforts are being noticed and you are grateful to them. Gratitude also helps students to make their social goal by making friends socially also. When we practice a good attribute then it multiplies itself. People who are grateful always search for some opportunities to repay and in this way the one who feels gratitude for someone, helps him or her someday in some situation in hours of need. This is how gratitude connects people by heart and love. And this lesson is very necessary for students to learn.

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