Is Your Child in the Growing Years? Understand the Benefits of STEM Educational Toys 

Experts and child psychologists reveal that early childhood is the best time for young minds to be exposed to the revolutionary STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education system. Utilization of STEM concepts during preschool years is ideal for allowing your kids to get adjusted right from the start. Let us help you understand the importance of educational toys for kids by Smartivity for the explorers out there.  

STEM topics or subjects still remain underrepresented in classrooms of the world. It is estimated that only 20 percent of students are capable of meeting STEM benchmarks. It is despite the fact that STEM-based career options are mostly high-paying and always in demand. The best way to bring about an active interest in the subject field is by introducing core STEM concepts at a tender age.   

What are STEM Educational Toys?  

STEM educational toys are knowledge-rich tools that can be introduced to your young ones to understand the basic concepts of STEM while having an enjoyable time altogether. STEM toys available at Smartivity allow young minds to gain access to a plethora of opportunities for ensuring hands-on learning.   

As your kids play with STEM educational toys, it significantly helps in enhancing their curiosity and intuitiveness of kids. The educational and learning toys at Smartivity incorporate the core concept of STEM in a fun and engaging way to ensure interactive learning.   

Some common examples of STEM-based educational toys at Smartivity are:  

  • Pirate’s telescope toy  
  • Microscope toy  
  • Optics kaleidoscope toy  
  • Calendar organizer toy  
  • Amazing Science Lab toy  

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Top Benefits of Playing with STEM Educational Toys  

#Debunking the Myth that STEM is Hard  

Children are known to learn from day-to-day exposure to concepts and ideas. It ultimately molds their future aspirations and interest points. It is essential that you pay attention to safeguarding them from being influenced by thoughts that would contradict their overall capabilities. For instance, if a parent is not fond of a specific topic, the child might also get adversely affected. Such a situation can be avoided by introducing STEM-based educational toys for 4 year olds at an early stage of life.   

When naïve minds realize that they are capable of grasping ideas related to science and math, it helps in boosting their overall confidence. As such, the kids will be able to open up to these topics easily at a later point in life as well.  

#Promoting Creative Thinking  

There is nothing better than encouraging your kids to extend their imagination toward creating something new & unique. When your kids engage in STEM-related educational and learning activities, it offers them ample opportunities to accelerate creative thinking.  

In turn, it helps in the development of core skills in specialized areas like spatial thinking, cognitive thinking, problem-solving skills, engineering concepts, and so more. Moreover, it helps children boost confidence in their accomplishments while inspiring them to continue learning.   

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#Improving Coordination and Motor Skills  

STEM-based educational and learning toys help young hearts in developing as well as honing motor coordination -quite early in life. With STEM learning toys, hand-eye coordination becomes better. At the same time, kids can look forward to getting more practice with the help of their hands and little fingers.   

As a parent, when you introduce STEM educational toys for 5 year olds by Smartivity to your kids when they are still in the learning phase, the little buddies will become great at these toys. Eventually, they will gain ample confidence while performing the specified set of activities.   

#Fun-filled Learning  

Parents should ensure that they are putting in efforts to achieve fun-filled learning for kids. STEM learning toys by Smartivity make the overall job easy in this context. They are aimed at making the process of learning fun and interesting for kids. When education and learning are fun, knowledge gained becomes ingrained in the memory. Therefore, skills that children learn during the early stages of life through interactive learning will be there for a lifetime.  

#Improving Problem-solving Skills  

When your child engages with STEM educational toys for 2 year olds, they learn to overcome specific obstacles by leveraging their level of intelligence. As most games offer different levels of complexities and challenges, they will encourage young minds to come up with their own solutions to resolve the existing problem. In the process, they learn to face struggles and become more independent in their thinking process.  

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Choosing the Right STEM Educational Toys for Kids  

There are multiple variations of STEM-based educational & learning toys in the market. From the inexpensive and classic ones to the contemporary range, there are multiple options. Ensure that the toys you buy for your little ones are age-appropriate. The toys should not be made for older children. It is because the little buddies might end up losing their interest and confidence in toys meant for older kids.   

All STEM toys that you purchase should be interactive. When you are in search of the best range of STEM-centric educational and learning toys for kids of different age groups, you can go through the wide range of options available at Smartivity.   


It is never too early to introduce the little one to STEM learning toys. Offer your children with STEM toys right from a tender age. You can activate their overall interest in the core subjects to ensure success in education and beyond!