How to Improve TV Sound and Better Your Binge-Watching Experience

Image quality is on the rise. You have many options for high-definition formats, and certain people swear on 60 FPS and 8k video quality. While plenty of people today care about image quality they often forget that sound quality is just as important. Without good TV sound, you won’t be quite as immersed when you’re binge-watching your favorite shows. You may very well miss important lines of dialogue. When you miss dialogue, you have four options: one, ask whoever you’re sitting with what was said; two, go back and rewind the video; three, turn on subtitles; and four, go on without understanding. All of these options will impact your experience negatively. Thankfully, there are answers. This article will walk you through how to improve TV sound, so you can watch TV with the best sound possible. 

Adjust Your Settings

Before you go out and buy anything, you should try to fix your problems with your TV’s sound with your TV itself.As you probably already know, turning up the volume isn’t the answer to your problem. Often, this can make background music and sound effects painfully loud. There’s a very good chance that the dialogue can sound loud and muffled as well. To change this, go to your TV settings.Some more contemporary TV’s also come with a “clear speech” setting, designed to enhance the frequencies of speech. Check to see if your TV has this option — many people have it and don’t even realize it. Your TV will most likely be on a “standard-setting”. However, you may have set it to “surround sound” hoping to receive a more full sound quality. It might help to turn this off to improve your experience in a dialogue-driven show; you can turn it back on if you’re listening to music.

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 Get New Antennas 

While the world of TV has largely moved online, most people still watch TV the old-fashioned way. If you’re one of the silent majority, then your TV sound experience might very well be improved by adjusting your TV antennas.You might not realize that it’s extremely easy to get new TV antennas installed. Just call up one of the many great TV antenna installers, and take note of the effect it has on your sound. 

Get Speakers

 If you’ve tried all of the above options and they still don’t work, you can invest in some speaker cabinets. However, we recommend only using this as a last resort option, because most TV sound options can be fixed much cheaper.

TV Sound Is Important

We’re living through the golden age of TV, and anyone who doesn’t have the best TV sound is sincerely missing out. If you have sound problems, try adjusting your TV settings, getting new antennas, and, if all else fails, investing in some speaker cabinets. For more articles like this, check out our “tech and autos” section. 

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