How To Find Second-Hand Authentic Brand Clothes

You can enjoy the luxury and quality of brand clothes by learning where to find them second-hand. With the right approach, you can buy hardly-worn brand clothing for a fraction of the cost of buying them new. And you will be helping to avoid waste.

Many sites dedicate themselves to connecting you with second-hand brand clothes. Here’s a quick guide to some of the best locations for previously-owned authentic brand clothes.

eBay And Craigslist

Sites like eBay and Craigslist are good for buying directly from individuals or online stores. One of their advantages is that they have been connecting people for years. You can be confident that their sale process works. Sellers know that they need to post fairly, respond quickly, and ship promptly to maintain the good reviews that keep them in business. Competition between sellers is healthy, too, keeping costs down for users.

Another serious advantage is that the sites – Ebay in particular – have massive inventories. Because they are so popular, you can also expect a lot of choices when browsing for branded clothing and accessories. Retailers and wholesalers like to list their items on Ebay as this gives them another avenue through which to sell their branded attire. This is great for them and excellent for consumers.

However, it can be tricky to ensure that the items are authentic. And not every seller that may interest you will be a major dealer backed by reviews or representing a trusted store.

You can take some of the stress out of shopping via these sites by verifying the identities and thus the authenticity of the sellers. Use Nuwber to check their name, address, profession, and other details so that you can be more sure that you are communicating with an authentic seller.

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Vinted is an excellent site for connecting you with fantastic deals on branded, second-hand clothing. You’ll be able to find brands such as Calvin Klein and Urban Outfitters at excellent prices. 

As well as branded clothing for sale, there is also the option to swap clothes. This option can be fun, good for the planet, and easy on your finances.

Vestiaire Collective

This site is curated by a team of stylists. Every week, they personally choose items to list. If you’re concerned about whether or not you will be buying genuine brand clothing, this is an excellent place to reassure you that your cash is being exchanged for authentic clothing. 

Another reason for it being a top pick for authentic brand clothing shoppers is that there is an option to pay in installments. If you know that brand clothing is worth paying for and you qualify for the site’s facility to pay monthly, you can enjoy buying now and paying later.  

The Real Real

Like the Vestiaire Collective, The Real Real has experts responsible for the clothing listed on the site. Here, an expert inspects every designer item to ensure its authenticity. With a team of experts on the staff, you can rest assured that if it claims to be a designer item, it has been thoroughly vetted to ensure it is the real deal. These experts take care of the photography and descriptions, too, so you can have confidence in what you are getting before it arrives.

Using the site is easy. You can shop by department and category. Prices are clearly displayed. And offers or promotions are easy to spot as well.

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Tradesy is very simple to use. You can search by brand and every brand has its own page. Or you can shop by department. 

It’s particularly good if you’re into sporting brands. You may be anything from pleasantly surprised to amazed by some of the discounts available on designer clothing here. 

Tradesy will accept returns if you are not completely satisfied. If you receive an item and discover that it is not an authentic brand item, you are within your rights to return it.


At ThredUp, one of the largest online fashion resale stores, personal shoppers can help you identify, explore, and express your style. As well as expert advice on offer, you can even have the experts do the shopping for you. 

Big clothing brands are available, including designer gear. With an expert team involved, you can feel more confident that listings are vetted and that the branded goods are authentic.


Yes, Amazon also sells second-hand clothes. Or rather, it facilitates their sale by allowing listings from marketplace sellers. Many retailers list pre-owned branded items on Amazon to make the most of the massive volume of traffic going through the site and its effective search facility.

Anyone seeking pre-owned branded clothing at an affordable price would do well to check out Amazon’s listings. The variety is massive. And Amazon’s tried-and-tested review system can help you identify the most trustworthy sellers and authentic branded clothing.

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace deserves at least an honorable mention. Like Ebay and Craigslist, it is great at connecting people. And like Amazon, it has an impressive search facility with effective algorithms. Facebook is renowned – or infamous – for knowing more about you than you do.

Is it a good place to buy authentic branded clothes? It will help you find them and you can search within your local area. And you are likely to find some great deals on pre-owned clothing. When it comes to authenticity, it will be helpful if you know something about the branded clothing as you will be responsible for checking authenticity yourself. Any sale is between you and the seller. You can find some great deals, but this site doesn’t have the guarantees and checks of other sites on our list.

Shopping online has become more secure and easier to perform over the years. You can hone in on what you are looking for and receive excellent service. And you can do this from your home or on the go. 

It’s wise to exercise caution, though. When you spot a deal, try not to rush in. Consider the reputation of the site, check out the authenticity of the seller, and look for guarantees and returns policies. With persistence and prudence, you can get some genuinely spectacular deals on branded clothing to refresh your closet without spending much money.