Different Rules to Follow for Railway Ticket Booking and Cancellation 

Indian Railways is undoubtedly one of the busiest transport systems in the world. The trains here haul more than two crore passengers per day. And, regularly the railways come up with some latest rules to make things simpler for passengers.  

Essential things you must know about railway ticket booking and cancellation   

Now, the advanced booking for train tickets can be made 120 days before for all ticket classes. This advance reservation period (ARP) is limited to the day the train leaves, according to Indian railway ticket booking rules. After that, E-tickets can be canceled online till the chart is created.  

E-ticket cancellations do not take place at railway counters. Moreover, the refund would be credited to the account used for railway ticket booking online (after deduction of relevant cancellation charges).  

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What are the new rules for the cancellation of tickets and refunds?   

If your tickets are confirmed, they can be canceled up to hours before the train’s planned departure. The charges of cancellation will be subtracted at 240 Rs. for AC First Class or Executive Class; 200 Rs. for AC 2 Tier or First Class; 180 Rs. for AC 3 Tier or AC Chair car or AC 3 Economy; 120 Rs. for Sleeper Class; and 60 Rs. for Second Class.  

If there is a cancellation for a confirmed ticket within two days and up to twelve hours prior to the scheduled train departure, ticket cancellation charges will be 25% of the price.  

Suppose there is a cancelation for a confirmed ticket between twelve hours and up to four hours prior to the scheduled train departure. In that case, cancellation charges will be 50% of the price paid (subject to the lowest cancellation charges).  

According to the IRCTC website, online tickets cannot be canceled post chart preparation. There will not be any repayment on tickets having confirmed booking if the ticket is not canceled or TDR is not filed online up to 4 hours before the scheduled train departure. 

If your train is canceled for some reason, for online tickets, there would be an automatic refund procedure. TDR (ticket deposit receipt) filing will not be needed. 

Wait-listed, RAC ticket cancellation & refund policy   

For RAC (reservation against cancellation) or W/L train tickets, if canceled up to thirty minutes prior to departure, there will be a repayment after subtraction of clerkage charges. As per the Indian railways booking (IRCTC) website, for the second class reserved and different classes, the clerkage is 60 Rs. For each passenger (for cancellation of RAC and W/L tickets).  

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Cancellation policy for a tatkal train ticket    

There will be no cancellation refund on confirmed Tatkal train tickets. According to the IRCTC, if the train runs over three hours late, you can do TDR filing and ask for a refund.   

However, a complete fare refund and Tatkal charges on tickets reserved under the Tatkal quota are provided in particular situations like:  

1) if the train is more than three hours late at the journey initiation point of the passenger and not at the boarding point, the passenger’s travel starting point and boarding point are not the same.  

 2) if the train is to operate on a changed route and the passenger is not eager to travel.  

3) if the train is to operate on a changed route and the boarding point, the terminal, or both stations are not on the redirected route.  

4) if there is coach non-attachment in which Tatkal reconciliation has been reserved and the passenger has not been given lodging in the same class.  

5) if the party has conformed to the lower class and does not wish to travel. 

Train ticket rules for partly cancellation   

If there is any partly ticket cancellation, ensure a new online reservation slip is printed individually.  

  • Partly cancellation of railway ticket booking is permitted. For partial cancellation of online tickets, a passenger needs to sign into the Indian Railways website, continue to the booked ticket segment, choose the person or persons whose tickets require to be canceled, and click to the cancel button. Once the cancellation is processed, a new e-reservation slip is given to the passenger.     
  • If partly cancellation is made through the PRS counter, a passenger requires to fill in a cancellation form showing the information of those individuals whose tickets are to be canceled.  

Cancellation rule if the train gets cancelled   

  • Online tickets: In online railway ticket booking, if a train gets canceled because of any reason, for example, an accident, flood, breaches, etc., the online tickets are canceled necessarily. You do not need to cancel the ticket yourself or file a Ticket Deposit Receipt to get a repayment or refund amount.  
  • Counter tickets: If in a situation a train is canceled, travelers with counter tickets must go to a PRS counter and cancel their tickets to get a refund. This can be completed up to 72 days after the scheduled train departure.  

Ticket cancellation rules after chart preparation and TDR filing   

Confirmed ticket cancellation after chart preparation is not permitted by the Indian Railways. If you wish to cancel these tickets, you must file a Ticket Deposit Receipt (TDR) online and check your fund status. Furthermore, it should be known that the TDR must be filed up to four hours before the train starts its planned journey. For RAC tickets, the TDR should be filed approximately thirty minutes before the train begins its planned trip.  

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