Destiny 2, What To Do For A Newbie In The Game

Destiny 2 is a continuation of the first part of the adventure in space, where the player will have to explore the story narrative and help humanity repel the alien invasion and continue to develop their character, facing PvP and raid content.

Class and pumping

Leveling has always been a boring part of any gameplay, but necessary to explore and love the game world presented by the developers. You can skip this step by simply contacting the Destiny 2 Carry Service. You need to download the service on a special website and in a few hours you will get a completely finished character of the maximum level, ready for raid and PVP content. The service guarantees the safety of the account and anonymity, and the progress of the order can be monitored online on the website.

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There are 3 main classes to choose from in Destiny 2:

  • Titan is a strong and big fighter, equipped in steel armor and armed with small arms. He holds the defense very well and can cover himself and allies behind a special shield that blocks damage. Excellent at punching targets with huge fists in close combat, but more used as a tank.
  • The hunter is a dexterous shooter and a master of ranged combat, perfectly combining long-range attacks with the ability to disguise himself and deal damage in close combat using daggers. Primarily valued as a sniper or ranged damage dealer rather than a melee fighter, leave that role to the titan.
  • Warlock is a medium-range shooter and a unit that can use magic for the benefit of allies and to the detriment of opponents. Of the main skills, it is worth noting the AoE attacking skill that deals great damage to mass targets and healing wells that replenish the health of all allies who are in the area of the skill.


In Destiny 2, leveling is implemented in many ways, from the ones suggested by the game to the logical, thought out by the players themselves.

It all starts with mandatory and quick training, where you will be introduced to the basic mechanics of movement, shooting and interaction with the outside world and sent to the first task.

The storyline is the main narrative, which is gaining momentum from the first tasks and is constantly supplemented with the release of new updates. The upcoming addition will be called Lightfall and will continue the story of Kallos.

Secondary quests and contracts are optional quests that often lead to the same location as the main quests, but require killing other monsters and performing other actions. As a reward, you will receive glitter and experience, sometimes weapons and armor.

Contracts serve as an opportunity to take additional tasks related to game actions and allow you to gain additional experience. Tasks are daily and weekly – players have to kill certain monsters, kill enemies with headshots, use special weapons, and so on. After completing the tasks of the contracts, you can take more, but for a fee in the form of glitter. In this way, you can constantly exchange sparkles for experience and pump faster.

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Strikes and raids

One of the few ways to get weapons and armor with high levels of strength and defense is through strikes and raids.


Zone for three players. You need to enter the instanced zone and fight the local boss and his retinue. For victory, you will receive a random reward comparable to the level of the boss and the selected difficulty level.

Another task of strikes is to prepare you for raids, where you get legendary equipment of the best quality.


There can be from six to 15 players. Raids come in different levels of difficulty, which determines the behavior of the boss and the mechanics that he uses.

The higher the difficulty level, the better the reward, but the more protection the boss has and the number of players that are needed for a guaranteed passage according to the game system.

Potentially, you will be able to enter and go through the dungeon even in the three of us, but you need to perfectly know the dungeon and all the mechanics, choose the right characters and act accurately.

PVP mode

Destiny 2 has a PvP mode – Trials of Osiris, which serves as an alternative source of good legendary equipment and weapons, which is randomly selected by the game system.

To get it, you need to score a series of victories in game rounds against other players. If you fail, you will need to start all over again.

A reward of various values can be obtained for 3, 5 and 7 victories in a row.

To have more chances to win, you need to collect the right lineup.

Don’t forget to use grenades – an attacking grenade can even break through a shield’s protection against a titan if you throw it behind the enemy, or along the flank.

The hunter can easily destroy an enemy warlock, or a hunter if the tank does not close them in time, or does not get close to you.