Decorate Your Abode with a Variety of Flower Vases

Interior design and home decor have become so vast in recent times and there is truly no end to this. Everyone now wants Instagram-worthy aesthetics inside their home. From wall paint to furniture – everything has become equally important and it is getting very overwhelming for people to keep up with the trends. In a world running after trends, one should choose timeless classic pieces to stay evergreen. One such classic piece of home decor is a flower vase. Flower vases have been around for so long but they haven’t gone out of style. Let us take a look at the types of flower vases and how to use them to beautify your home.

Types of flower vases

It is important to know your options when you are cruising online looking for the perfect flower vase for your home. Every type of vase has its own specialties and is appropriate for a different type of setting. Let us go through the types of vases to understand them better:

Glass vases

Flower vases made of glass are timeless and classic and a perfect choice for your dream home. They are famous for their versatility and their ability to blend into any part of the house. Their ability to draw attention to the flowers in them while being unobtrusive themselves is what makes them so popular. The main features of glass flower vases are:


Glass vases are available in many shapes and styles from intricate crystals, ribbed textures, and sleek cylinders. They have the ability to morph into their surroundings being classy without standing out too much. This makes them the best choice for flower vases in both minimalist & maximalist settings.

Transparency & elegance:

The transparent nature of these vases is what creates a sense of openness and elegance at the same time. These are ideal for maintaining an airy light-filled interior design in any room.

Reflecting aura:

Vases made of glass play with light and create a reflecting aura around them and with this, they create more visual interest in the setting.

Porcelain vases

Porcelain vases are delicate and truly timeless with an added poise about them. If you are seeking a non-transparent yet classic vase, porcelain vases must be your pick. Their major features involve-  

Impeccable craftsmanship:

The intricate patterns and fine detailing give porcelain flower vases a muted luxury vibe. Every vase is a piece of art and thus an ideal choice for homeowners with artistic taste.


Porcelain vases are usually available in soft pastel colors and understated designs. If you are looking forward to adding delicacy to your decor, you should buy porcelain flower vases online.  

Classic Appeal:

These flower vases have a classic appeal and they will never go out of style. If you are looking to create an aesthetic that will withstand passing trends porcelain vases are your best pick.

Ceramic vases

Ceramic vases offer a variety that is full of possibilities. They can be classic or quirky depending on your taste. You can buy them as per the theme of your decor and trust us you will not be disappointed. They have some key features, let’s discuss them below:

A wide array of choices:

These vases are available in various styles, colors, and shoes. They will match the interior theme of your house and allow you to make a statement or not, totally depending on your taste.

Match your taste:

If you are someone who doesn’t go by the rules or a big fan of classics, you will find ceramic vases appealing. You can look for ceramic flower vases online and you will surely find something that matches your personal taste and the aesthetic of your home.


If you want a playful vase, you can find something colorful and if you want something understated you can get a vase in a muted tone. These vases basically match your vision of your place and make your dream home aesthetic come to life.  

How to style the flower vases in your home?

Let us go on this journey of styling your vases in your home well so that you can use them to their full potential to make your house look beautiful. Flower vases are versatile vessels that can help you style your home beautifully and make your dream home come true.

Illuminating Ambiance with glass vases

Glass vases are perfect to showcase flowers, both real and faux flowers but do you know what else they are good for, candles. Yes, you heard us right! You can illuminate your home by using these vases as your tea light holder. This might sound crazy but all you need to do is fill water in these vases and add floating candles to them. This is a gorgeous idea for special occasions and festivals.

Subtle charm

If you do not want a statement flower vase to overpower the design of your room you can use smaller porcelain vases to add subtle touches of elegance around your home or office. You can put them on bookshelves or side tables where they will look most graceful.

Statement Centerpiece

If you are not a fan of candles or subtle decor, you can pick a statement vase and use it as a centerpiece on your coffee table. Adding flowers, or pampas grass will add to the charm of it and you will never fail to make a statement.


To put it simply, flower vases are timeless decor pieces that help you elevate the aesthetics of your home without much effort. You can use them to flaunt fresh flowers or add pampas grass for a more urban vibe they will not disappoint. If you are looking to buy flower vases online, you can visit the Pure Home & Living website and order beautiful vases for your home. They have an exclusive range of vases made of glass, porcelain, and ceramic to suit a variety of aesthetics.

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