Car Brake Shoes – Here’s What You Need To Know

The safety of a car is related to various aspects and brakes play a major role in it. These are an important element of the braking system but are different from brake linings. Brake linings are an element of the disc brake system and brake shoes are part of the drum brake system. You can also check the brake shoe price from and you will get 100% authentic products. Moreover, in this post, we are giving you all the vital details regarding Brake Shoes.

# What is meant by Brake Shoes?

Brake shoes are generally crescent-shaped parts and are placed on brake campane. These have a rough rubbing material on one side. So, brake shoes are pushed to the outside when the brake pedal is used. Then they rubbed force inside of campane and as a result, it slows the wheel of a vehicle. In modern vehicles, drum brake systems have become less common and are a part of the older braking systems.

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# An overview of Brake shoes vs Brake Pads :

As you know, nowadays most vehicles have disc brakes with brake pads. But there are some vehicles that have drum brakes in the rear and disc brakes in the front for decreasing the manufacturing price. Apart from this, some of the differences between brake shoes and brake pad systems as given below :

  1.   Direction of force –

One of the main differences that you will find between brake shoes and brake pads is the direction of the force. The car stops through brake shoes by pushing outward but brake pads stop a car by moving together. Brake shoes sit inside a brake drum but brake pads are placed around a disc that is known as a rotor. There is a caliper that squeezes the brake pads together and is pressed against the rotor disc. Hence, it slows down the wheel and car stops.

  1.   Stopping power –

One more difference between these two is the amount of force that they need for stopping a vehicle. Brake shoes have more area of rough-surfaced material that creates the friction to stop the car but their stopping power is less as compared to the brake pads on a disc brake system. Hence, disc brakes let the car stop faster with less force at shorter distances.

  1.   Life expectancy –

Usually, the Brake shoes last longer as compared to the brake pads because of their position within the system. As they are placed in the rear of the vehicle, they are protected from rust and corrosion. On the other hand, brake pads are more exposed to the conditions of the road, and possible dirt. Hence, brake shoes may last longer and you can also check the brake shoe price from boodmo to get the high-quality product.

  1.   Service –

Brake shoes require less maintenance as they are enclosed and resist corrosion in an effective manner. Whereas, drum brakes require servicing and are difficult to replace as well. Additionally, brake pads and brake shoes are not resistant to wear.

# Why do Brake Shoes fail?

The two main reasons behind the failure of brake shoes are as follows:

  1.   Normally, brake shoes are failed because they are affected by friction over time.
  2.   When an axel leaks oil into the drum vessel then they are contaminated which leads to their failure.

In addition to this, the brake shoes also may give some indications by which you can understand they are failing. If you hear any scraping noise then it is possible that the brake shoes are worn and can also produce a squeaking noise if they are dusty. Also, if you notice a loose parking brake then there is a possibility of brake failure. When an emergency brake will be applied then it may get rolling.

# Various ways for extending the life of Brake Shoes :

Some of the useful ways by which you can extend the life of brake shoes are as follows :

  1.   Control the speed of the car and never over speed
  2.   Always use engine braking
  3.   While braking accelerating should be avoided
  4.   A vehicle must not be overloaded
  5.   Review the Brake pads or Brake shoes on a regular basis
  6.   Allow adequate stopping distance

# Final Words :

As compared to the brake pads, brake shoes may not require service as frequently. But they must be changed regularly to avoid issues with the braking system that can cause even a brake failure. You can also check brake shoe prices from boodmo which are designed for resisting a thousand kilometers. However, the road conditions, weather conditions, and driving habits might affect the life of brake components.