Best Trading App in India for Beginners

Best Trading App in India for Beginners

In this digital age, changing the landscape of investing are share market apps. An online trading app allows you to trade on the go. However, there are several of them, making it difficult to choose the right one. We know it must be a little confusing for anyone to pick a suitable stock market trading app. The list of apps on app stores is pretty much endless.

How to choose a good share market trading app?

In this article, we shall throw light on the best trading app, useful for every kind of trader. However, before diving into more details of the platform, let’s bundle in some tips for you to choose a good trading platform. 

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  1. A simple user interface

Trading in the stock market involves several steps.  It is thus essential that an trading app employs an easy-to-use interface to provide a seamless experience. Searching stocks, placing orders, making payments etc. should be smooth. 

  1. Trading tools

These tools help in assessing the market conditions and performance of securities. Some tools and indicators provide relevant information to arrive at crucial results. In addition, one can execute advanced trading strategies using certain trading tools. So, ensure you have access to all these trading tools and indicators on a trading app.

  1. Stock market data

A stock market trading app must provide all the relevant data of financial markets. It should provide live information of market trends. Historical and current data of stocks and their future outlook reports are also vital.

  1. Market updates and notifications

The share market is a dynamic entity.  Real-time updates and alerts can help us out. Thus, an online trading app must provide regular updates of market trends. Notifications of all the important events should reach us live.

  1. Trading fees and other charges

Usually trading apps levy charges for availing their services. Transaction charges, delivery charges, annual maintenance fees are the notable ones. Hence, never forget to check the charges you will have to pay while using a stock market trading app. Look for apps like Kotak Stock Trader app, where you get comprehensive trading plans that reduce the trading costs. It’s time we turn towards this excellent trading app.

Kotak Stock Trader app – Your trading companion 

Kotak Securities is a leader of the financial services industry, with over two decades of unmatched excellence. Being a reputed institution, it remains duty bound to provide its customers only the best. Digital innovation is a primary area of focus for the organisation. The Kotak stock trader app is a hallmark of its digital services. The key highlights of the app are as follows.

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  • An excellent app design: The online trading app carries a simplistic design. Investors will find every option quite easily. Even those new to online investing would find it pretty convenient to trade on the app.
  • A powerful trading platform: The app uses modern softwares curated to execute all kinds of tasks. It manages several transactions and operations smoothly without any lags. So, investors are assured of a pleasant trading experience.
  • In-depth analytics: On the app, you get every crucial information regarding stock markets. reports containing detailed Analysis of securities are available too. Moreover, historical price action data and performance of assets based on various indicators makes it easy for you to make appropriate trades.
  • Live market data: The app brings in all the financial news around the globe. You can track both domestic and international markets. Regular updates of all the crucial data is available on the app. The live tv feature allows you to get market information and the experts’ opinion from top business and financial news portals.
  • Notifications and alerts: You will receive real-time alerts of all the important  market happenings. Even if you are offline any crucial data of your investments are available via SMS alerts.
  • Tools and indicators: The app provides you access to several trading tools like stop-loss and indicators. They help you trade in various market segments and execute all kinds of strategies. The indicators like moving averages,sushi roll, along with the charts based on different parameters assist in analysing assets. So, you can trade efficiently.
  • Brokerage charges: As already mentioned, investing in the share market incurs costs known as Brokerage charges. On Kotak Securities online trading app, you shall get monthly and yearly trading plans. They are not only affordable but also allow you to trade in all market segments with a single plan. Investors can also open a free demat and trading account and save more.

All these features make Kotak Stock trader app an excellent trading app. The app is available for both android and apple users. So, if you’re looking to ring the right bells with your stock market investments, get the app now.