7 Best Sony Wired Headphones for Women Reviewed in 2022

7 Best Sony Wired Headphones for Women Reviewed in 2022

There are so many reasons why you should go wired instead of wireless when it comes to headphones. First, they’re easier to use as you don’t have to worry about charging them every night or if they run out of battery during your commute. 

Second, you can use them on the go and still be able to answer your phone calls thanks to the microphone built into most models these days. Third, some find wired headphones more comfortable as you don’t have to worry about adjusting anything or finding the right spot in order to enjoy your music or audiobook comfortably.


This Sony headphone guide is for those of you who are interested in headphones and headsets. I’ve compiled a list of some of the most reliable, top-rated and best-selling female-friendly headphones on the market that fit various needs and budgets. Be sure to read through this guide before deciding on a pair!

1) Sennheiser HD 4.50 – These are over ear headphones with an impressive frequency range of 12 – 38,000 Hz (ideal for audio production). The noise cancelling technology blocks out any background noises while you are listening to your music or videos. One downside is they do not fold up into a more compact size like other models on this list.

Why are they recommended?

Sony produces some of the best wired headphones for women and these seven top models give you a variety of options depending on your preferences. You’ll have no problem finding the perfect set to meet your needs whether you’re looking for a classic pair or a wireless headphone that sounds great and looks good, too. 

Here are the seven best choices from Sony:

Sony MDRZX110NC Stereo Headset – These stereo headphones come with an adjustable headband and lightweight design that’s perfect for comfort and to avoid fatigue. The 40mm driver delivers crisp audio at all volumes while the noise-cancelling feature eliminates outside noise.

What do they sound like?

The sound quality is very clear, making these great choices for listening to all kinds of different genres of music. The headphones are comfortable enough to wear for extended periods without feeling too heavy on the head, making them ideal for watching movies or gaming on the go. They don’t have active noise cancelling, so they may not be as good choice if you need that feature. 

This can also make them more ideal in an office setting where noise from your coworkers is unavoidable and you need a pair of headphones that offer some peace and quiet while still letting you hear what’s going on around you. Overall, they’re a solid choice with no major flaws aside from the lack of active noise cancelling features.

How comfortable are they?

Sony is a well-known Japanese electronics company. The company has manufactured products such as televisions, audio equipment, and video game consoles, as well as professional and consumer grade photographic and optical equipment. 

Despite all this work experience, they are not the most durable of headphones. This means you’ll be purchasing them more often than other brands that are more durable. They are however usually reliable due to their great sound quality but will be deteriorating rather quickly when compared to other brands on the market today. 

Sony did add in some features that will help make them easier to use such as the rotating volume control on their cord and lightweight construction so you won’t feel like you’re carrying heavy devices around your neck all day long even though you’re using heavier models of Sony’s product line.

Are they durable?

Sony’s wired headphones are some of the most reliable on the market. They are not bulky, meaning that they won’t get tangled easily. They also have a reinforced cord that means they won’t break when it gets caught on something. And they’re comfortable too!

Where to buy them?

We hope you found our overview of the best Sony wired headphones useful. As we’ve discussed, a good pair of headphones will help your productivity and enjoyment with all your favorite activities. Whether you prefer comfort, crisp sound, or a mic and remote, we’ve picked out a model that’s perfect for you.


Out of all these options, I would highly recommend the ____ best wired headphone for women. They’re comfortable and are able to provide very clear sound quality. _____ is a fantastic choice as well, as it features noise cancellation, as well as great ambient sound. The only problem with this option is that it doesn’t provide great isolation from outside noise. 

This leaves the ____ ranked at number three. Number one has the best isolation out of any on this list, but there are many mixed reviews on its comfort level. For that reason, we put number two at number one on our list due to its secure and stable fit without sacrificing comfort levels or quality of sound that other wired headphones have failed to maintain in their products.



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