6 Tips for Cleaner Air in Your Home

Let’s say you’re enjoying a relaxing day at home. Suddenly, you smell a bad odor in the air.

You try to breathe, but the air in your house has gotten corrupted so bad it’s almost impossible. You’re forced to flee and abandon your house forever.

Ok, so things probably won’t get that bad. But not taking steps to make sure your house gets clean air puts you and anyone else in the house at risk for serious health issues down the line. So what can you do?

Well, with our list of the top 6 tips for cleaner air in your home, we will answer that question for you! But enough talk, let’s jump right into things!

     Houseplants Provide Cleaner Air

The first step towards getting cleaner air in your house is purchasing some houseplants to put around. When the plants absorb the carbon dioxide in the air, they filter out toxins and convert the air into clean oxygen, helping to improve the air quality. Plants with large leaves like the Lady Palm are ideal for this, as larger leaves allow for more absorption.

Spider plants are another popular option, as they work to grab harmful chemicals like carbon monoxide that other plants have difficulty processing.

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  1. Proper Ventilation Is Key

Another important step towards improving home air quality is making sure your home has proper ventilation to get rid of excess humidity. This is because humidity provides a fertile environment for mold and bacteria to flourish, leading to more toxins polluting your air. Getting heat out of your kitchen is especially important, as gas stoves produce a high level of nitrogen dioxide, which can hurt you if breathed in high concentrations.

  1. Dust And Dust Mite Control

Making sure to dust and vacuum your house regularly is a great way to boost air quality, as dust build-up can clog the air up and trigger allergies. While not dust themselves, dust mites attack our lungs the same way, meaning you need to sweep or vacuum as many surfaces in your house as possible. If you don’t want to deal with that hassle yourself, you can always call in a pest company like Pegasus Pest Control to remove the invaders without harmful pesticides.

  1. Keep Bad Chemicals Out

Take a look at your household supplies and clear out any that would compromise your air quality. For example, pesticides can transfer harmful chemicals into the air. You should also keep to minimal use of products with high concentrations of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) like spray paint.

  1. Clean Your Pets

To improve home air quality, any pets in your house need to get regular baths. This is because they otherwise release more dander than usual (dead skin cells) around the house, which can prove awful for allergies. Wiping down toys they play with or places they like to hang out will also help with this.

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  1. Beeswax Candles To The Rescue

Finally, try lighting some beeswax candles in your house to help your air get clean. These candles not only kick out dust but produce minimal smoke, making them ideal for those with breathing problems.

  1. Breathing in Peace

So that you have this list of tips to get cleaner air at your house, where do you go from here? Well, for more tips on sprucing up your home and keeping it safe, check out the other articles on our blog!