5 Tips to overcome App Addiction…

Smartphones are here to stay and smartphone addiction and in particular addiction to specific mobile applications is clearly on the rise. Here are some tips to overcome addiction to certain apps. It is also important to understand the role that smartphones and mobile apps play in our daily lives.

Mobile apps can make our lives efficient, faster and productive but in the process it is also commonplace that many users feel addicted to certain mobile applications.

It is of paramount importance that the age of the user be considered as certain mobile apps similar to Instagram for example can be extremely addictive. App owners have also recognised the dangers and have provided various controls and reminders that help parents and users the chance to monitor and set certain limits on in app activities.

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Realising and admitting that you may have a addiction to a specific mobile app would be the first thing to realize. Then you should proactively take steps to limit your interactions with that app especially instead setting certain personal goals for example and follow up on achieving them.

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1.Keep yourself occupied

Be it a job or a volunteer position or going on travels by keeping yourself occupied it is most likely that the need to look at your smartphone decreases. This is because your mind and your attention is placed elsewhere and you are distracted.

2.Only use your phone for voice calls

If you change the settings and have no data features on your phone and only use your phone to make voice calls then you can also help to overcome and manage your smartphone addiction.

3.Consider why you use the phone 

If you revisit why you actually use your smartphone for and its core purpose then you may be able to better come to terms with your allegiance to one particular mobile app as and when compared to others.

4.Delete the app

This may sound a bit extreme but it just might be the smartest thing to do if you feel that you are always reaching out for your phone to use one app in particular.

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5.Consider ditching your phone

If your smartphone is giving you many problems then why not consider totally letting it go and switching to an older style manual mobile phone that offers only limited features but you can still make calls and send SMS messages. 

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