5 Easy Leather Shoe Care Tips

Step back and look at your footwear. Is it leather? In fact, we’re willing to bet that the bulk of your footwear is leather. These tanned hides and skins, which range from full-grain to split-suede, are stylish and long-lasting. 

Unfortunately, natural materials necessitate some maintenance despite their toughness. Leather items, in general, whether it’s a leather pursewallets, boots, slippers, etc, require a level of care. 

How To Care For Genuine Leather Shoes? 

The simplest way to extend the lifespan of your leather shoes is cleaning and conditioning. Remember to pour your sincere love, care, and effort into your stunning genuine leather formal shoes. Because let’s face it— they make you look and feel great!

You can be wearing new leather shoes for the winter festivities or an existing one to work. Either way, you want to know how to properly treat and care for them.

Developing appropriate leather shoe-care habits is essential since it will lengthen the life of your shoes, making it worth your investment. Regular maintenance will also keep the shoes looking good for as long as you wear them. Read on to find out how to properly care for your leather shoes— 

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Waterproof Your Leather Shoes

Leather is vulnerable to water damage. It does not perform well when exposed to moisture, resulting in discoloration, crack, or shortened shelf life. Hence, it’s a good idea to waterproof your new leather purse, shoes, bags from the get-go. Get yourself waterproofing sprays from any leather product retailer. Then, spray your footwear and leave it to dry overnight. While leather items are already waterproofed, the trip from manufacturer to the retailer, all the way to you will most likely wear off the solution. So, yes, you want to waterproof them. Waterproofing your leather belongings one time can last about three months. This means you want to waterproof your leather products every three months. But yes, we understand that it can impossible to keep them completely waterproof. As humans going about our daily lives, we will inadvertently come across a puddle or find ourselves wearing leather during a sudden downpour. In such cases where you wet your leather shoes, you want to start by wiping them down. Leave them overnight to dry on a flat surface, preferably in a room-temperature environment. Do not use heating or drying products such as blow dryers as they can shirk the leather or even fracture. 

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Clean Them Regularly 

A good cleaning practice is essential for keeping your leather shoes in pristine condition. Daily wear dirt and dust are easily removable with a simple wipe-down. However, use a soft, slightly damp cloth to do so, and clean them quickly as possible to prevent stains.

Proper Storage Habit 

Your leather shoes are sturdy and robust. If you were to toss them on the floor after a long, tiring day, they’re still going to be fine. But what matters is making sure that at the end of the day you store them properly. Good storage space will likely help your footwear not just look nicer for longer but enhance its durability. Keep them away from direct sunlight, preferably in a room-temperature surrounding. A hot environment can cause the leather to shrink, while direct sunlight can cause discoloration. As mentioned earlier, it is critical to develop an appropriate leather shoe-care routine to increase the life span of the shoes.

Polishing Your Leather Shoes

You notice scuffs and scratches on your formal genuine leather shoes. Don’t worry or be alarmed as these are just signs of daily wear and tear. A decent polish can nearly always restore its luster. You can either use store-bought leather polish or you can also buff off blemishes with household materials. If you don’t not leather solutions, you can use petroleum jelly or a hair conditioner to clean them. First, clean the shoes with a moist cloth and allow them to dry. Apply the jelly on the leather and rub it off with a dry towel. If you’re using a conditioner, simply apply the conditioner into the dried leather and you’re good to go. 

Inside A Shoe Bag When Not In Use 

Dust can eventually accumulate in leather shoes if you’re not going to be wearing them daily. This can cause discoloration and disintegration. If you wear your leather shoes occasionally, place them in cotton muslin drawstrings to protect them. Cotton fabric will not only safeguard your precious shoes but also facilitate excellent breathability which will further preserve the shoe’s lifespan. 


There are undoubtedly more steps you can take to extend the life of your shoes. Consider using leather solutions or taking them to professionals. Either way, these five basic approaches should be enough to take care of the greater part of the work. If you take the time to give your shoes high-quality care, you’ll be astonished to find out how better they can endure! 

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