1 Carat Loose Diamond Prices From Rare Carat

1 Carat Loose Diamond Prices From Rare Carat

What Are Lab-Grown Diamonds?

Lab grown loose diamond is diamond created through laboratory methods. Instead of being mined, the stone is grown from a type of compound that contains carbon, hydrogen and nitrogen. The growth process begins with large heated kilns and high-powered lasers which vaporize the carbon in a liquid form. This process creates a gas called diamond dust which can be left to cool in its pure state or used to grow the finished product. Rare Carat Diamonds are proud to be a supplier of lab-grown diamonds at a very fair diamond price or 1 carat diamond price,

Why Lab-Grown Diamonds Are Better?

  1. Lab grown diamonds are a cost effective alternative.

The price of lab-grown diamonds is similar to the natural variety and sometimes less, while they are unrivaled in terms of superior quality and purity. This allows them to be incorporated into a wide variety of luxury products without the need for additional investments.

  1. Lab grown diamonds are completely transparent.

Lab grown stones have a perfect clarity that is indistinguishable from natural diamonds; including the blue and yellow tints more commonly found in mined stones. This meansLab-grown diamonds cannot be distinguished from natural crystals by eye.

  1. Lab grown diamonds are environmentally friendly.

The lab-grown diamond process requires no harmful chemicals to create a stone that is 100% eco-friendly. It also ensures a far more ethical source and the avoidance of human conflict in the search for diamonds.

  1. Lab grown diamonds have greater uses than mined stones.

Because of their superior quality, lab-grown diamonds can be used for a wider variety of uses than natural crystals; including use in laser technology and materials for high performance scientific equipment.

  1. Lab grown diamonds have no ethical issues and no human rights violations.

Lab-grown diamonds differ from the mined variety in that they are processed using equipment not manufactured for or by any government or military. This removes the ethical question of who mined and controlled diamond resources, and ensures there were no human rights violations at any point in the production of a diamond.

  1. Lab grown diamonds have no risk of blood-diamonds.

Because the lab-grown process has removed the need for excavation in areas that have been known to be prone to diamond blood-banking, there is no risk associated with investing in a stone that may have funded such activity, or may be funding it now.

  1. Lab grown loose diamonds are 100% traceable from start to finish.

Lab-grown diamonds have a certificate of authenticity on every stone that ensures there are no unanswered questions. From the moment a stone is created to the point when it reaches its end user, the entire process can be traced using only the serial number provided by the production facility. This detailed record makes lab-grown diamonds preferable in some applications where provenance is required.

  1. Lab grown diamonds are ideal for jewelry designers and manufacturers.

Incorporating lab-grown diamonds into jewelry collectible items allows for a variety of cuts, sizes and settings without the need for natural stones. These pieces can also be designed to feel like the real thing by making use of lab-grown diamonds’ ability to mimic natural color and clarity.

How To Find Good Lab-Created Diamond Deals From www.rarecarat.com

  1. Use coupons’

Coupons are available to all our members and can be accessed through the member page.

  1. Use the Auction feature

The auction feature on our website is a great tool for buyers to get lab-created diamonds and diamond jewelry at discounted prices. Auctions are updated every 15 minutes; you can buy from the latest auctions at any time you like.

  1. Become a member of https://rarecarat.

As a member of our website, you will get a lot of useful information about how to find good lab-created diamond deals; as well as exclusive coupons for us and other benefits.

How Much Is 1 Carat Diamond Price?

The price of a 1 carat diamond price also depends on its size. For example, for one carats lab-produced diamond, you can get an average of $ 5,000 – $ 6,300; while for 2 carats the price can go up to $ 19,000 – $ 22,200.


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